Undum and Combined Links

I’m having some trouble with Undum and combined links. The documentation on combined links is here.

Basically, combined links allow you to execute an action while also changing a situation. When I use a combined link though, I only change the situation. The action does not execute. Firebug reports that “this.actions is undefined.” I haven’t edited the core .js, so this problem should be replicatable for anyone using a combined link. Let me know what I could do to help resolve this problem!

All the combined links I try work fine for me, although I do get the same error message if I try this with a SimpleSituation that doesn’t have any actions defined. Maybe you have a typo somewhere, like “act” instead of “actions” in the situation?

I wasn’t able to find the problem, but I did find a work-around: define the link as an action and conclude it with system.doLink(“a-situation”). For my purposes it has the same effect, though it isn’t quiet as elegant.