UNCOVERED: Crocodracula!

I thought that was odd too. If you know Taleframe’s history, you know they were rabidly protective of their own intellectual property, but had zero qualms with stealing anything and everything from anybody else. So I’d have to chalk this up to the devs being absent-minded or rushed or distracted—I always think of the Taleframe team as having to pull up stakes and move into a new office in a different state every few months.

This looks fun. :slight_smile:

This game was great fun! I’m a bona fide vocab deputy!

I guess I worked or slept through this game. All of my children were in place by that time so I’ll have to check with them.

I appreciate your fine work.

Thanks, fos1

PS. The crossword is interesting and prods the mind…

According to Sobol’s review of Crocodracula on IFDB, there are at least three endings, but I’ve only been able to find one: using the amulet to banish the Shampe.
Any hints for how to get other endings? I have one idea: The tome suggests I can undo the Shampe curse by reminding it of a favorite food. Maybe Calvin’s blocks, or something like them? But I can’t figure out how to get them and I haven’t seen anything similar.
Also, I helped the sheriff finish his crossword, but I never found the 10th word (I had to guess it). What did I miss? And is there anything to use the filled-out certificate for?

About other endings:

You can get Calvin’s blocks if you enter the school after hours.

About the crossword: It looks like you forgot to

examine the wall around Becca’s house! What an embarrassing mistake!!! Don’t worry, I’ll put it in spoiler tags.

When you’ve filled out your certificate you can take a picture of it and post it on social media—or just get it framed.

Thanks! OK, I got three endings. Are there more? Also, other questions:

[spoiler]I confirmed my suspicion about whom Becca wants to kiss, but I think there’s no way to confirm my suspicion about whom Zoe wants to kiss. Is that right?

Why does Becca’s mom know who Eddie Lee is?

Does the orange flyer have a purpose? Besides educating me about the Opasassa Spotted Possum?

Is there anything to do at the Old Tree? Or on top of the Water Tower? Is there a secret meeting to spy on?

How come ululation isn’t in the crossword?

What used to be in the alcove? The sword?

Who’s the woman in the tapestry?

What does the inscription on the door read? Who forbade us to open the door? Is there a way to open the door?[/spoiler]

ON ENDINGS: I’m pretty sure there are only three endings.

ON ZOE’S CRUSH: I don’t think Zoe’s crush is made explicit in this game, but for true Crocodracula fans it’s not exactly a big mystery.

ON THE WORD “ULULATION”: As far as I can tell, “ululation” was supposed to be part of the crossword puzzle, but the devs messed up. Taleframe was never really a detail-oriented studio.

Many details in “What Happened to Calvin” refer to other plotlines from the show, so the answer to a lot of your questions is either to go to the Crocodracula wiki (which doesn’t exist), find the episodes on Dailymotion (which I haven’t yet managed to do) or wait for me to port another of Taleframe’s adaptations (assuming one finds its way into my hands).

Okay, this question may sound a bit silly, and I’m not sure it actually belongs in this thread, but what exactly is the process of re-writing an old game into a new language, e.g. inform 7? Do you actually read the code in the original language and copy all the text/strings manually to Inform? Or is the answer in the “port” term—which I ignore?

Just curious. Great work on the game, by the way. I am currently playing it. 🥸

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I would really hate for this technology to fall into the wrong hands so I’ll PM you about it.


Shame, I was kind of curious about that myself.

If Crocodracula has taught us nothing, a little curiosity can be a dangerous thing. Technology like this is more powerful than you can imagine… :wink:


Now I really want to know.

I knew this forum was only a front for something sinister.

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Port can be part of the solution, but it’s a delicate effect requiring careful calibration.


I am very excited to declare that I beat the game with the most obvious (?) ending, ousting the creature with the amulet. Given that the protagonist wonders whether Calvin deserved that ending , I am now in research for another possible finale.

I wonder whether the crossword would lead me to another ending? I didn’t manage to get the third word yet… :sob: Is it mindful-l-l? Argh.

I also wish to register a formal complaint on the range of topics that one can consult the tome about. It seemed reasonable to me to CONSULT TOME ABOUT SCARLET SUBSTANCE as well as ABOUT AMULET, but alas! And I missed consulting it about the Shampe, but I saw this further up this thread (cheater, cheater).

The game is great fun, and I love how the swamp maze doesn’t become a thing. Or does it? I haven’t discovered all the endings, after all, have I?

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Nice little story! I found all three endings. As I said above, I first used the amulet on Calvin, but then I got the idea to bring him his blocks , an idea that dawned on me while explaining the game’s plot to my 6-yo son. For its short length, the story had nicely created characters, who gave us glimpses of their backstories, leaving us wanting more!

And, since there actually is more, I’ll go play Crocodracula: The Beginning too. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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