A new Crocodracula game has been unearthed!

You might remember back in 2017 when I discovered “Crocodracula: What Happened to Calvin” and ported it to Inform 7. Now the hands of bizarre coincidence have placed another Taleframe game at my feet: The first of their Crocodracula tie-ins, imaginatively titled “Crocodracula: The Beginning.”

I say “at my feet” but I could as easily say “on my shoulders,” since porting this game to Inform 7 has been an arduous and sometimes very painful process. Taleframe really did not want people copying their games. But I have plenty of free time these days, and the preservation of this piece of culture is more important than my emotional or physical well-being.

Fortunately, the port is almost complete! I just have to make sure I’ve disabled all the anti-piracy measures before I release it to the public. It should be ready by the end of this month.

When it’s released, I’ll put up a blog post with some background information as well as images of all the feelies. I am deeply indebted to Harrison Gerard for his assistance in getting high-quality scans of the packaging and ancillary materials.

Stay tuned!


Was this based on the show that was originally called “Count Crocula”, but then there were legal problems with General Mills organization and their “Count Chocula” brand of the monster cereals? That show?

As a side note, I would definitely eat a kid’s cereal with Calvin-shaped marshmallows in it :slight_smile:.

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I haven’t heard of this but it sounds likely. A name like “Crocodracula” doesn’t strike me as being anybody’s first choice.

And here it is: CROCODRACULA: THE BEGINNING has risen from the grave!

Here’s the game for you to play it.

Here’s a blog post where I get into the details of the game’s provenance and you can see Harrison’s amazing scans of all the feelies!

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Are the Crocodracula games available for downloading?

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Yes. There are download links on the browser-play pages, but those links don’t show up on mobile devices.

Here’s the gblorb for What Happened to Calvin

Here’s the gblorb for The Beginning