Unable to modify WebStatusWin

So, I want my banner to be much more sophisticated…as in, have more information (and also move it to the left but that isn’t really important here).

I dug around and discovered the object WebStatusWin seems to be responsible for handling the banner components, and it works pretty nicely, from what I can tell. Adding a nice little div tag for each component that is to be displayed. So, I thought it would be easy to override like all other TADS objects. But, so far, I’m wrong. Any suggestions what I’m doing wrong? Basically, I just tried something simple, appending some garbage. I tried several different things, such as adding entirely new divs and just spewing random text, but as far as I can tell, this function I’ve overridden never gets called. Nothing I do here seems to have any effect on the game (I added some bolding to make it easy to spot my change):

modify WebStatusWin
setStatus(room, score?, turns?)
/* set up the room text in the left portion */
local msg = ‘


Here is something exciting…well, maybe not so much…

     *   format the right side: 'score/turns', 'score', or empty,
     *   depending on what the caller specified 
    local rt = (score != nil ? toString(score) : '')
        + (turns != nil ? '/' + turns : '');

    /* if there's a right side, wrap it with right alignment */
    if (rt != '')
        msg += '<div class="statusright"><<rt>></div>';
     *   our left/right divisions are floats, which some browsers don't
     *   count against the container size; so add a clear:all division
     *   to make sure we count the height properly 
    msg += '<div style="clear: both;"></div>';

    /* set the text */


There is a prior thread on modifying the status line.

I’m using the following code in a webui project so at least modifying showStatusHTML would work although there might be a more convenient method.

//suppress the status line modify statusLine { showStatusHtml() {} }

I saw that thread, but it seemed much simpler than what I want. I want to completely redo the contents of the status bar, whereas right now, they have just a few pieces. I want mine to contain a compass, an inventory tree and maybe even a player portrait. I was hoping the components to redesign the layout would be more familiar to what I’ve learned from web frameworks, but it looks much more rigid than I was hoping:( But, if I can replace that one function in WebStatusWin, I think I could easily do what I have in mind…just gotta figure out why my modify isn’t working.