Um .. What is "Okay?" .. Several posts removed for "commity reasons"

CLEARLY something has gone out of control in this community.
Reasonable response options have turned into “permanent user” options.
This is SURELY not what we want. Right?
No totalitarianism
we all just are who we are
IDR exactly where i am. Still early 1st level. Far enuf away from town to make it concerning.
i role play
not save farm
characters from Pool of Radiance are supposed to be transferrable to CotAB
And also out to Hillsfar
SO! (Oh wait, you all aren’t in my game … LOL … me goes back to the text game)

Please review the Code of Conduct. We keep all discussion here civil, and moderation is part of the agreement for being a participant on this forum. You were flagged several times in your previous post by community members.

While we’re happy to discuss tools and backward compatibility, snapping back at other users who are offering viewpoints and advice goes against our “keep it civil” rule and could be construed as personal attacks.