Typewriter Typography

Is there anyway to have your entire IF in the typewriter font. I prefer this aesthetic, and since I’m making this game as a part of an art installation, the aesthetics are important. Is there anyway to have the entire game in typewriter font – I’m thinking something similar to the embedded Dunnett on Mac terminals or retro style IF aesthetics.

Thanks if anyone can help.

I think games might be able to request a particular font style but at the end of the day the font is determined by the interpreter. In an art installation I assume you can choose the interpreter so you should be able to set the font to whatever you want it to be.

Any recommendations of an interpreter I can use that would have that type of font?

I use Spatterlight which allows you to choose any font that is installed on your system. I’d assume most other interpreters do the same.

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say "[fixed letter spacing]" will get you the interpreter’s choice of fixed width font, which sounds like it’s good enough for your purposes. If you wanted to guarantee some particular font, things are significantly more complicated with (so far as I know) bundling the game and the font with Electron as a stand-alone application (sort of like Lectrote if it could only run one game) as the best choice.

I still use Gargoyle for 90% of my parser gaming. The primary reason I use it (other than the convenience of having every interpreter in one place) is that it’s the most configurable interpreter I’ve used when it comes to fonts and general text appearance.

It’s a little annoying because you have to edit a config file instead of using a UI to change your settings, but the upside is that you get to add your own fonts. You just dump them into a fonts folder in the Gargoyle directory and then edit the config like so:

monor         Go-Mono.ttf
monoi         Go-Mono-Italic.ttf
monob         Go-Mono-Bold.ttf
monoz         Go-Mono-BoldItalic.ttf
monosize      12

propr         Bookerly.ttf
propi         Bookerly-Italic.ttf
propb         Bookerly-Bold.ttf
propz         Bookerly-BoldItalic.ttf
propsize      13

Edit: I changed the link to the official site because it describes the app much better than its github does.

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Depending on how retro you want your style to be, you could build glulxe or Git with glkterm and use that to run your game in something like Cool Retro Term.