typed constants

I know you can do something like

A cliche is a kind of object. Athlete is a cliche. Body is a cliche.
Strength is a list of cliches that varies. Strength is {athlete, body}.

But is there a way to just declare (what I think of as) a typed global constant?
Something like “A list of cliches that does not vary”? I guess it doesn’t really matter but it feels like maybe that could be optimized for memory etc.

And yes, those are Risus cliches! Just playing around.

Right, but I dont want a list of all the cliches, I want to be able to make a specific list and put some items in it.

I thought maybe you’d be able to just do something like strength = {athlete, body} but that doesn’t work because the compiler first needs to know what strength is. So I tell it: “strength is a list of cliches that varies”.

And so I started thinking: aha - but is there also such a thing as “a list of cliches that doesn’t vary”? Because this one won’t, not at runtime. And if so, how do you create one?

No. The official answer is, use a variable and don’t vary it.

This doesn’t cover every case where you might want a constant, but it covers your case, I think.

(For further discussion: inform7.uservoice.com/forums/573 … -to-be-def )

I’m not sure what you need exactly, but you might want to check out this uservoice suggestion concerning constants:

Ok, thanks!

Good to know that I hadn’t missed something obvious this time.