Two versions of the "Infocom's New Graphics ..." product catalog?

One thing that’s been bugging me lately, though admittedly not very much… Towards the end, Infocom put out a product catalogue titled “Infocom’s New Graphcis Will Blow You Out Of The Water”. A scanned copy of it can be found at the Museum Of Computer Game History.

I have a copy too that - as far as I can remember - was sent to me when I mailed Infocom (or possibly Triton, who was doing their publishing at the time) and asked for a product catalog. But mine is slightly different, as can be seen in this scan i made. The games are all the same, but there have been several minor changes made to the text, and in some cases the screenshots are different too.

So did I get an early version of the brochure? That might explain why one of the Journey screenshots in mine shows a picture that does not appear in the final game. (Which is a pity, because I remember being fascinated by it.)

My copy is the same as the one at the Museum of Computer Game History. Both catalogs are dated © 1988 Infocom, Inc.

Mine probably came with a game I bought, but I don’t know which game that was. I was only able to get a Solid Gold “HHGG,” “Plundered Hearts,” and “Arthur” in new packaging, but I got a few other titles on eBay, which no longer had everything that came in the boxes. So I’d guess the catalog came with one of the three games which were unopened.

I’ve heard it was included with some games (I guess that’s why the one in the museum has clearly been folded in half), but I never got one that way.

I think the most interesting differences that I’ve noticed is that mine uses a picture from Journey that doesn’t appear in the final game, and that one of the promised feelies for Shogun is “a geisha’s fan”. That’s why I’m guessing mine is an earlier version.

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That sounds like it would have been way expensive, but way cool.