Two sonnets for IFComp 2020

For IFComp 2020, I entered two sonnets “about your game” as prizes. These prizes were chosen by Bitter Karella (for Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl) and Mark Sample (for Babyface). I finally wrote them a week or two ago, and now post them here with permission of the prize winners. Enjoy!


Don’t show me your face. O, believe me, it’s not
that I fear you ill-favoured, disfigured or plain;
but the glance of my eye will indelibly stain
your innocent beauty, will leave there a blot

that one can’t brush away; that cannot be forgot;
for to see is to judge, and however humane,
all judgement will pigeonhole, sort and restrain,
will poison your infinite freedom with rot.

Don’t show me your face. Keep it wrapped in a sheet.
You’ll be perfect as snow in a world without eyes.
And don’t fall for the mother bear’s trick with her cub:

don’t get licked into shape. Remain incomplete.
My love, when you’re seen, possibility dies –
because looking at something – uses it up.

Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl

I’m a scientist, reasoner, mathematician
whose thinking impeccably mirrors the Real;
not some devious underhand trickster magician
whose instincts are all to deceive and conceal.

Universally known as a first-class logician.
A champion for science with unequalled zeal.
There’s just one little thing one might view with suspicion:
the illogical way that YOU make me feel…

I kidnapped your boss and sent you on a mission
not suspecting that solving this task you would steal
my centralised pump for O2 transmission.

Now with tear-wetted lab coat before you I kneel:
I know it’s just dopamine causing a whirl –
but it all feels so magical, magical girl!