Two small questions.

I have a few small questions I can’t find the answer (if any) to.

  1. Can I “block” the inventory? So instead of the player looking at their inventory, it says something instead? (e.g “You can’t look at your inventory”)

  2. Can you have the text that shows what Inform version ect you used at the start of the game not appear? Or have it above the “When play begins text?”


Instead of taking inventory: say "You can't look at your inventory now."

That information is called the “banner text” and you are encouraged not to remove it completely. You can delay it if it helps the pace of your story, but it contains the legal information for Inform that the player needs to be aware of.

Cheers. I didn’t want to remove remove it, I just want it at the start. Delaying doesn’t really help…

The banner is displayed by the “display banner rule”, which is listed in the startup rulebook (which you can look at in the “Standards” tab in the Rules Index). You can adjust its position by rearranging that rulebook.

The display banner rule is listed before the when play begins stage rule in the startup rules.

Thanks jrb! That’s exactly what I needed!