Two rooms; same name

Is it possible to create multiple rooms with the same name? What I need is to create the illusion of a long hallway with doors along it’s length. Obviously, I can’t have a single room with multiple exits north and south (or east and west), so I want to split the hallway into individual rooms, each with the same name and description, but going different places.

Similarly, I have an idea that involves the player moving between a dream world and the waking world and the locations remain the same, but the description changes. Any thoughts on how I can accomplish this?

In the old Computer Novel Construction Set, you simply put a pound symbol (#) followed by a number and the program would ignore the # when posting the name of the room, but would treat it as a different room entirely.

What language/system are you using to make your game? Inform 7?

Yes, Inform 7.

Set their “printed name” properties to the same thing.

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Ah, the simplest of solutions. Thank you!