Two questions - TADS3.1

I’m back with a couple of questions. I have been changing the format on my story for the last five days. It’s not as sloppy and is much easier to read now. You guys should be happy with that. However, thanks to my memory, I’m still having a very difficult time finding things (especially in the manuals) and remembering things.

I do not remember how to set up a room so that it has both the proper normal and first time descriptions. Could use some help on this.

I already forgot the second question that I wanted to ask. Sorry to be such a pest.


Fortunately, it’s very easy to do:

roomFirstDesc = "This will be shown only once. "

If you want to also show the normal ‘desc’, then call it from ‘roomFirstDesc’:

roomFirstDesc = "This will be shown only once.<p><<desc>>"