Two Points about ToaSK

I’ve been fielding emails about this stuff (dozens of them, all from one person), so I’m posting this here (and elsewhere) in the hopes of fending off a few repetitions. It’s simple stuff relating to Treasures of a Slaver’s Kingdom (Release 7) and the released source code for same:

(A) The source code compiles perfectly (both to .z8 and to .glulx) in the environment it was coded for, using the versions of the extensions it was coded to work with, in the computing environment it was designed to compile in. Failure to compile under other conditions does not constitute an error (neither an error of the source nor an error of the alternate environment you’ve attempted to shoehorn it into).

(B) The “Gunwar’s Booty” file of bonus “extras” (meant for those who have completed the game at least once) opens perfectly for the correct password. Failure to open for an incorrect password does not mean the file is corrupt, the clues are broken, or the game-file contains incorrect numbers. All it means is that you have the wrong password.

As the Doc says, folks, this ain’t rocket surgery.