Two events with Rob Sherman

Rob Sherman (author of Black Crown, The Spare Set, and various other IF; sometimes a visitor to the Oxford/London IF Meetup) is currently writer-in-residence at the British Library.

They’re holding a couple of upcoming events:

There’s an open studio this Saturday, Jan. 17, which described thus:

The studio event is open to drop-ins from 11 AM to 5 PM (no form of RSVP required):

There is also an evening talk on Thursday Feb. 5. That event starts at 6 PM and requires a (free) ticket.

A bunch of us from the Oxford/London meetup are planning to attend this Saturday’s thing, and I will probably also go myself to the Thursday evening. The British Library is a nifty venue for events, Rob’s stuff is consistently interesting, and I’m hoping the library sees enough interest to continue working with interactive fiction authors. So if you’re interested, please join us!

For a second I thought Rob Wheeler and Howard Sherman had fused.