Twitter bot wars

Many people have noted the launch of @youarecarrying. This is a Twitter bot where if you tweet “inventory” at it, it replies with a list of what you’re carrying. The list is drawn from the object trees in Infocom games, so you’ll recognize a lot of the stuff. (Some scenery has slipped into the list, sssh, don’t tell.)

Then people started drawing their inventories – hashtag #iamcarrying. So, we’re eventually going to have crowdsourced illustrations of every portable object in Infocom’s canon. There’s gotta be a use for that.

Then, yesterday, @_The_Thief showed up. He follows @youarecarrying around and sometimes mentions that he has stolen items that you are carrying. (Or, it appears, occasionally murders you.)

If Crowther & Infocom only knew then what they were starting…

Do we know now?

Apparently the thief was suspended.

Did he open any eggs?