Twisty Passages

I hope this is the right spot for this thread, if not, please feel free to move it.

Twisty Passages is a multi-player interactive fiction game of exploration, combat, politics, intrigue, building, crafting, diplomacy, conquest and problem-solving. It is much easier than it sounds. It is actually a little bit of a browser-based cross-breed of an IF and MUD sandbox.

I am looking for some play-testers for Twisty Passages, an on-line, multi-player IF world that is created as you explore and modify it. Beginning gameplay involves exploration until you find an area that you want to own and modify, but you can also visit/invade the areas of other players.

This is a very early development version, with lots of bugs (I guess) and missing features. That said, you are invited to visit the infinite maze at:

In future patches there will be more features for customizing your owned areas, including a simple scripting engine to make your areas interactive.

There is a wiki for those who want to read a little bit more about it before signing up.

Again, my apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum for this kind of thread.

Oh man, this is so much easier to edit than a traditional MUD. Fun is being had right now, I can tell you.