Twine SugarCube - Music overlaping when pressing "back"

Twine Version: 2.3.14
Story Format: SugarCube 2.34.1

I am having a problem. Lets say passage 1 has the song “town”. Then in the next passage the player will go to a blacksmith, so passage 2 has the song “blacksmith”. When the player is in passage 2 and clicks on “back”, he returns to passage 1 where the “town” song starts to play, but the problem is that the “blacksmith” song plays too!

So, this is happening:

Passage 1
<<audio “town” play>>

this passage is playing “town” normally

[[Go to the blacksmith->Passage 2]]
← Back


Passage 2
<<audio “town” stop>><<audio “blacksmith” play>>

This passage is playing only “blacksmith” normally

[[Passage 3]]
← Back

So far so good, but then, if the plays clicks on “Back”:

Passage 1 is now playing both “town” and “blacksmith”!

How do I fix this?

Try structuring your play invocations as follows:

<<audio “:all” stop>><<audio “trackName” volume 1 play>>

The :all predefined group selects all normally registered audio audio, so you don’t have to specify a track to stop. Alternatively, :playing would also work. (See group IDs under <<audio>>).

You could also turn that into a widget to make it easier to type:

<<widget "play">><<audio “:all” stop>><<audio $args[0] volume 1 play>><</widget>>


<<play "town">>

Thank you so much!! Just to see if I understood (I am really new to twine):

To create this widget all I have to do is create a passage with the tag “widget”, then paste all that… and then in the normal passages all I have to do is type <<play “town”>> and the game will stop all other songs and play town?

Just to be sure! I am really slow sometimes

Correct. Create a new passage—the name doesn’t matter, just no special names—tag it widget, and paste in the widget code. From then on, you can simply use <<play "trackName">>—e.g., <<play "town">>, <<play "blacksmith">>, etc.

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