Twine: Remove hash/breadcrumb anchors

The IFComp game “Vulse” appears to do this, but I can’t figure out how. I would like to find a way to remove the passage-after-passage breadcrumbs in the Sugarcane style – both because it’s kind of ugly when it does that, and because what I’ve got in mind would break if bookmarked or using the browser’s “back”.

Anybody know how this is done? Checking the official site, the Google group, and various other web searches haven’t yielded an answer.

Nevermind. I found the answer here:

History.prototype.display=function(d,b,a){var c=tale.get(d);this.history.unshift({passage:c,variables:clone(this.history[0].variables)}); this.history[0];var e=c.render();if(a!="offscreen"){removeChildren(document.getElementById("passages")); document.getElementById("passages").appendChild(e);if(a!="quietly"){fade(e,{fade:"in"});}}if((a=="quietly")||(a=="offscreen")){"visible"; }if(a!="offscreen"){document.title=tale.title;document.title+=": "+c.title;window.scroll(0,0); }return e;};
You just add this to a passage in the story. The passage can be named whatever, but it MUST have the tag script (in all lower case).

On a side note, the info at that site seems to be pretty essential for anybody using Twine. Good stuff.