Twine- Equivalence operator issue

Hello every, thanks in advance for any help you can provide me.
I am making a twine 2, sugarcube 2.32 story based on dan cox’s dungeon crawl system:

I want to have more than 1 map, and I altered the directional passage ‘North’ to call a widget that compares the current map the player is on with all maps, so the engine knows which map the player moved north on.

I’m attaching here my relevant code and the output for this. My issue is: I set $currentmap = $map1, but <<if $currentmap eq or is or == all fail. The equivalent operator is not working, but when I print its like they are the same don’t understand! Please help.

If you don’t mind me being lazy, I posted the answer to your issue in another thread a while back, so I’ll just link that.

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You have no idea how much trouble you may have saved me, thank you, your solution works!