Twine data files

I quite like the Twinery web editor for building hypertext adventures. But from what I understand there are better editors now.

Is there a tool that I could use to build a quick map or story with some links, that I can easily extract a JSON output file from? Kind of like using a twine editor as a map editor. I want to use the final data in my own engine.

Last time I looked the code and data weren’t separated very cleanly, it was generating HTML pages or something internally.

I’m not sure about JSON, but this site offers a lot of story format and proofing formats.

Some of the proofing formats might do what you want. For example, there’s one that outputs graphviz formatted data that should be easily parsable.

I know at least two story formats that generate a JSON file instead of HTML.

They are pretty old, though. Also, I have near to zero experience with Twine and haven’t used any of the story formats above, so I can’t help more than that.

For a map editor other than Twine, there’s Trizbort that can export to PDF, PNG, JPG, Inform 6, Inform 7 or TADS code, but not JSON.

My proofing format poof can export JSON.