Twine as a prototyping tool

I’ve been using Twine as a prototyping tool for graphical game development. I wrote a blog post about it that I thought might be of interest to some folks over here too.

Does anyone else here use Twine this way? If so, are you doing anything cool with it that I haven’t thought of?


There’s a story progression in Ridiculous Fishing?! I stopped playing once I got to the Maelstrom because (as far as I could tell) no story had happened yet; I figured that the “Tale of Redemption” subtitle was just an ironic joke.

It’s not a branching narrative or anything, but there is story progression. I picked Ridiculous Fishing as an example because

a) I like the game; it’s fun and, well, ridiculous, and
b) the core mechanic cannot be simulated in Twine worth a darn.

[Edit] I guess posting on topic was a weird thing to do. :confused:

I keep reading Ridiculous Fishing as Ridiculous Fisting. :frowning:

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. :laughing:

After writing the original article, I met someone who’s testing a retail employee training system that she wrote in Twine. Crazy versatile engine!

I’ve also used it as an organizational tool for novel writing: doing a rough outline of the narrative and having other boxes for characters, places, facts, etc.