Twine alternative (for C++)

I developed a small engine for writing games. All it does is let C++ output to html, so that you can write a game in C++ rather than javascript or another custom language. This isn’t a release post, I’m just looking for your thoughts on design. It is complete though, so you can try it out.

Ok, it’s released now, since it’s mostly stable. The intended developer audience is people who are already specifically interested in writing text games in C++. Otherwise, if you didn’t already have this goal in mind, or if you’re not sure if it’s appropriate for your usecase, Twine is a better choice. This engine is trivial to use if you already know C++, but if you don’t, it will be painful.

This looks pretty cool. it is possible to build as a standalone binary as well as transpile to web.

No, this doesn’t support that. (Although you’re right, because I am also doing exactly what you describe, building as a standalone binary without the I/O.)

You could replace operator® to get a true console application. But you’d lose some features (formatting, keyboard shortcuts), because they’re only possible in HTML. The library would behave like std::cout with links. Doing this is pretty simple.