Twine 2: Locking out passages based on tags

I’ve spent a few hours trying to research and/or figure out how to do this myself and failed, so I’m hoping someone else can help me out! I’m hoping to use tags in order to block out certain content based on a person’s input at the start of my game or based on certain actions. Ideally, if someone selected “No gore” out of a list of checkboxes, then any passages tagged “gore” would be locked and inaccessible. Or if someone failed to solve a puzzle in time, it would lock out certain passages.

In the past I’ve done this the very roundabout way of using variables and having ridiculously long passages of <> statements for each potential preference, but am hoping to find a simpler alternative.

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Might get more Twine answers if you post it over in the Twine section here.

As far as I am aware, there are a few ways it could be done, but most still require checking the variable to know if it should be included or not.

Short of weaving a lot of ‘if’ statements throughout the passage to insert words or not, you could use ‘include’ to insert text from other passages, but you’d still need an ‘if’ to see if it should be inserted or not.

Perhaps some of the expert in the Twine section might have a better answer.