Twine 2 editing basic bug?

Twine Version: 2.3.7 online and offline, windows 10, firefox

I remember experiencing this when Twine was version 2.0.1. If you load up Twine 2, open a passage old or new, press the maximize button on the top right-hand corner of the popup layer, the text layout is reformated wrong. The cursor and everything messes up. Click on the passage try to change something or do a copy and paste and the whole passage is ruined.

It is so annoying when you tried to quickly fix a typo or two… and found the whole story corrupted because the thing you changed was not the thing you wanted to change. It went to the point that I messed up my passage a dozen times every hour in the QA phase.

I thought everyone was experiencing this a dozen times every day in the last two years. How is everyone doing your editing? I mean I did copy and paste everything to and back an editor for development, which is very inconvenient.

Where am I going to report this bug, anyway?

I could be wrong, but it seems like after a while most people serious about Twine drop the IDE altogether and just use Tweego.

I prefer command line compilers and text editors, so I think I stuck with the IDE for a whole hour before I dumped it. There are also syntax highlighting extensions for most of the popular editors, so sugarcube actually gets better support outside of the IDE as well.

As for reporting the bug, you can report it on the Github issue tracker:

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