Twine 2 development question

I know this rightfully should be asked in the dedicated Twine forums, but I’ve been unable to complete my registration there. I know some the principal Twine folks participate here too. So …

I have one question: Is Twine 2 going to be a web-based Server/Client application or will I still be able to download it and run it completely on my client (the way Twine 1.4.1 runs now)? The demo on the Twine site shows it being run in my browser from a server. While I don’t object to running finished games that way, I do have strong reservations about doing design and programming work on remote servers.

Anyone who could shed some light on this have my thanks in advance. Cheers.

FYI, there’s another place you can ask:!forum/tweecode

Not to say you can’t ask here, of course.

The traffic there has sharply tapered off it appears. I imagine it being due to the new forum location and all. Not to mention, I’m probably one of the few people left on the planet without a Google account … :wink:

Thanks Peter for pointing it out though. Cheers.

You’ll be able to download and use it locally. In fact, you can (for testing) right now! I know you can’t register at right now, but hopefully you can still read today’s timely announcement:,1565.0.html

This is good news indeed! From the content of the post, it appears I’ll stick with the 1.x branch for authoring and evaluate 2.x as it happens. I believe there is a 1.4.2 bug fix release coming as well.

Thanks MU for the heads up. Cheers.