Twine 1.4 Out, New Twine Forum


As my first post on this forum, I’m pleased to announce that Twine 1.4 was officially released yesterday. There are release notes here as well.

Also, there is a new forum! I noticed Google Groups was listed as the forum in the sticky; the forum on is official and could be added. :smiley:

Hope to see some new Twiners around the new forums soon!

—Richard Sharpe

The official forum is , to be clear. :slight_smile:

Ooooooh!! You can set a variable while following a link! Awesome :smiley:

That was my favorite aspect as well! :smiley:

Can’t wait for Twine 2.0, though. It looks awesome. No app to download. No story files. It creates and reads HTML files! Your story HTML file is the file it edits. How awesome is that? :smiley:

About T2, Chris Klimas said:

Yay cool!

Richard, apologies if you’re just doing a public service and aren’t involved in development, but do you know if there are plans to update Twee to keep pace with Twine?

Sorry, Erik. I’m just spreading the good word, and I should have mentioned that in my original post. I have nothing to do with anything related at all to Twine development.

Here’s a thread about Twee, though. Maybe you saw it. Sorry, no good news. :frowning:

Thanks! and no, I hadn’t seen that. It’s too bad! While I can understand wanting to visualize your piece as a graph of connections, I have a hard time understanding the appeal of actually working with the Twine interface. To my mind, the whole development model is backwards: Twee should be the flagship software, maybe with a lightweight IDE to make it easily approachable, and Twine should just be a smart visualizer that you can invoke when you want to see what your story “looks” like…

The SugarCube header (which works with Twee) has most of the 1.4 features already, so if anyone else prefers to stick with a command-line tool, check out SugarCube. It’s in active development at the moment, and the author is very responsive. (I see that there is now a version of SugarCube for Twine 1.4 as well, which is great because it brings a lot of great features such as autosaved games, save slots, etc.)

Thanks for passing on the news about Twine 1.4, Richard–while I’m a bit down on it, I know it’s great news for a lot of folks.

If they’re not going to keep developing it they should open source it.

You’re not in the target group. The reason why Twine has taken off in the first place is that you can use it with the “smart visualizer” without having to think about code at all. From a programmer’s point of view Twee/Twine itself is pretty limited and without the graphical interface there wouldn’t be much point in using it at all.

I thought both Twine and Twee were open source?

Oh, you’re right it is:

If I’m not in the target group, I sure should be! I don’t at all consider myself a programmer (more a “power user” I suppose), and I certainly would not want to program my own system for taking minimally marked-up source text and turning it into a dynamic-loading web page. I wouldn’t even know where to start.

A possible misconception in your comment: You have to think about code exactly the same amount when writing in Twee as you do in writing in Twine. The source text inputs are exactly the same. (Most Twine games that get released and get noticed use custom CSS and javascript macros, so I think it’s dubious that Twine authors manage to escape entirely from interacting with code in any case.)

So my comment really has nothing to do with code: It’s just that with Twee you can use a “document” model for writing, i.e. the same metaphor that you use for pretty much all of the other writing in your life. Whereas with Twine, your text is atomized into a bunch of separate little boxes that you interact with primarily by clicking. The latter makes me cringe, though I understand that other folks love it.

The barriers to entry to frictionless authoring with Twee are installing Twee at the command line and setting up a text editor with an autobuild file and syntax highlighting, but a nice IDE could eliminate all that (see MacTwee).

Thanks for alerting us!

Would someone here who participates in the Twine forum please let the forum administrator know that validation emails are not being sent? At least I’ve not received the 2 I’ve requested. I completed the registration correctly, no problem with captcha and the emails are not in my spam trap. I’ve tried to notify them of this problem through Twitter but I’ve not received an acknowledgment there either. Thanks in advance.

I’ll let him know straight away.

Thank you.

Couldn’t see a way to PM you on this forum, but if you can email with your username, I can take a look. Sorry for the hassle!

Just got back home after being gone for the week and sent an email to the above posted address. Thanks for your assistance.