Tuuli, an interactive ritual, post-compo version out now!

So, as I said in several places. I’m late, I’m late for xyzzy awards!

Since the IF Comp I’ve been working in my free time, for six months now, on a new version of Tuuli that fix all the design problems that weighted the entry in the competition (well, at least most of the problems, the main puzzle, the guess the verb one is still there, although better hinted) (it placed 16 out of 79 games, so we are very happy anyway!)

I wanted to release it before the xyzzy awards, but after the Spring Thing Festival, so the announcement of the first round of voting for the awards took me by surprise! And here I am, I’ve released the “hopefully last version of the game” in a hurry. So, maybe there’re still bugs or errata inside (please, send bugs at rubereaglenest at gmail dot com), but the design and mechanics are fixed in place. No more drastic changes.

So, maybe you are wondering, what is Tuuli?

The old witch, your teacher Mákke, is dead. If you want to save your village you’ll have to destroy the raiding fleet that’s coming. Can you do it, young Lenne-who-would-be-the-witch?

Tuuli is a short fantasy game inspired by finish mythologies written by four hands (Spanish writer Daurmith and me as programmer/producer). A game about women, witches, and a coming of age in dire times, that can be played in less than half an hour (if you don’t get stuck).

The game has sites at itchio and IFDB. Itchio doesn’t work optimally yet for interactive fiction (I need to write itchio’s stuff to talk how to improve the state of the platform for us). If you get there a z-machine game, it will play really nice on mobile, but NOT optimal in desktop, because of the packaged interpreter that Inform 7 releases is quite awkward to play there. But if you upload a glulx version, Quixe works quite fine (I think) in desktop, but it is just NOT THERE YET to play in mobile. So there’s no easy solution to put our parser games at itchio yet. Nonetheless, here it is:


Please, if you enjoy Tuuli, drop a review and some stars there.

Of course, you can see the info of the game at IFDB:


[EDITED: The update is still not in their final destination at IF Archive, so in the meanwhile,

The files are there in their final destination, you can play from IFDB now. ]

I’ve put an url so you can play the game online, here:

iplayif.com/?story=http://www.ca … 20(English.zblorb

And… that’s all. We really hope you enjoy the world of Tuuli.


Ruber Eaglenest.

Nice! I’m going to take a look. By the way, I find that textadventures.co.uk does a good job hosting games (compared to itch).

Yeah, but I suspect that textadventures just launches the parchment link with the hosted file there. But I will ask.

Anyway, this is something I have pending in favor of the community. Itchio is an increasingly popular site for IF but even twines have technical problems there.

Specifying, the problem I have with that template running parchment at itchio is that it does not autoscroll. In mobile maybe that is not a problem because with a swipe you can go easily to the last printed text. But in desktop is just tedious to have to scroll down everytime every turn.


I’m still looking into uploading a minimal parchment html page to itchio and see how behaves.

In the meanwhile, the IFDB page for the game is complete now (Thanks Doug!)