I know this has probably already been done but it’s really nagging me.

So, I am right now writing the sequel to an Infocom game. My first game, really. But I am wondering - should I have a tutorial in my game that comes with the text, or should it be like a piece of text at the start which sends you to the help menu?


If you’re going for the Infocom style, the tutorial should be in the manual (along with a sample transcript for a game that doesn’t exist), to avoid spending precious disk space.


An in-game tutorial is really hard to do. There are a few threads on it somewhere on the forum.

If you do decide to do it (and it is an admirable goal), then play some of the higher-rated games in the Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2021 or Text Adventure Literacy Jam 2022 to see some of the different approaches. As a bare minimum, you need to explain how to examine things, get things, drop things, take an inventory and move about. Under the rules of the text adventure literacy jams, you had to have at least one give-away puzzle at the start.