Tutorials that guide you through making stuff

Hi hi. I used to have a bit of fluency in Inform7. But the first time I was able to really learn how to make stuff that does things with words was in a MOO, and that was because there was a tutorial that showed you how to make a box of donuts.

There are many great tutorials for Inform that explain all of the many complex rules and codes.

But i just want to make something that does stuff.

Are there tutorials out there that I haven’t found that can just take me step by step through making a $thing that does some fun stuff?


Welcome to Adenture sounds to me closest to what you want.


Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7 by Aaron Reed is several versions out of date with current Inform 7, however the entire entire book is a tutorial about creating one large game.

I have a copy that I won as an IFComp prize several years ago. Unfortunately the book seems to be out of print physically and electronically. The Kindle link goes to a “not found” page. It looks like Barnes and Noble has it as an e-book on the Nook only. Do people still use those?

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Hi Parrishka and welcome!

When you say “does stuff with words” do you mean like the T remover in Leather Goddesses of Phobos?

Otherwise, could you give us a hint about what sort of “fun stuff” you want to do?

I mean, box of donuts-wise, that could be:

  • A box that, when closed, won’t let you take or examine the donuts (standard)
  • A box that contains a quantity of donuts and correctly reports the number remaining when you take one (a little more complicated)
  • Bertie Boo’s Every Flavor donuts?
  • A magical box that produces an unlimited supply of donuts (some fakery required, and if the donuts are identical/indistinguishable, a bit more complicated)
  • A donut that, when eaten, randomly summons either the ghost of Somer Himpson, or a copyright lawyer. (The donut is the easy part.)

In other words, what would you call fun?

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The Recipe Book part of the Inform manual is organized this way. It doesn’t go step by step, but each example is small enough that it’s pretty much just one step.

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This is a very belated thank you, and I do mean VERY belated, to your generous and fun reply to my question that I posted on Mar 2 of 2022.

Your examples of what would be fun for a box of donuts were exactly the kind of thing I meant.

I had to take a break from re-learning inform then. I am back at it now with a better plan, i think.
anyway, thank you.