Turn your Inform 7 game into an Android app


With Jimmy Maher’s permission, I’m open-sourcing the Android code currently used by “The King of Shreds and Patches”, “Death off the Cuff” and “PataNoir”. This requires some basic Android development skill to use, but not much more than the iOS skills needed for Zarf’s iOS frameworks.

The framework supports both in-line pictures, background textures and music. I’ve included a simple demo game, to demonstrate how everything works.

I don’t have much comment, except:


and also


An excellent project that I hope will do much to advance the Android IF landscape, which is woefully underdeveloped compared to iOS.

I would love to be able to make games for android, just curious,

If I do that, can I make money of that?

Making an app is one skill set, marketing them is another.

am I permitted to charge money for it?
Not: do you think anyone would buy my sh–?

Because PT Barnum.

You can use the code for commercial purposes, yes :slight_smile:.