Trying to Fix Far Away

I started with multiple errors when trying to compile with this extension turned on, most of them were along the order of simple changes such as changing

change access-flag to 1


now access-flag is 1;

I have one line left to fix and I am stumped, I have tried everything I can think of as far as wording goes and I am not familiar with the phrase enough to know if it is up to date or not.

To decide if we can't get at (n - a thing): [ This runs the rulebook. Means we can consider noun and second noun neatly in the accessibility rule above. ] let the far-flung-thing be n; consider the distant objects rules for the far-flung-thing; ***THIS IS THE LINE IN QUESTION*** if rule failed: decide yes; now access-flag is 0; decide no.

I have not seen any complaints on forum or elsewhere that folks have had an issue with this extension but it will not compile unless I make these changes.

Change “consider” to “follow” and it should work.

Thanks, will give that a go.