Trying to Find a Game I Played Once

Hello everyone!
I tagged this under Playing, but let me know if I should move it. I am trying to track down a game I played years ago, probably somewhere between 2007 and 2014, likely a “contemporary” of Savoir Faire. I seem to remember a bit of a sci-fi/fantasy hybrid, the one aspect I clearly remember being a scene involving 2 ferrets and (if I remember right) a sofa. Definitely the 2 ferrets playing off each other though, and unearthing something for the main character. I’d love to find that again if anyone knows what I’m talking about. Thanks in advance!


Ferrets? The first thing that jumps to mind is Finding Martin by G.K. Wennstrom. It’s a massive sci-fi game that involves exploring a quirky house, time travel, and a teleporting telephone booth. Does any of this sound familiar?


Definitely sounds like it. Sci-fi with some fantasy, elements as well… and the ferrets do a lot of helping.

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LOL I was just about to reply that I found it pretty much by accident mere hours after I posted that. And as I’m playing it, it’s starting to come back to me.