Try my games please.

So I have brought it upon myself to create text adventures that one
would not find others create. Games of which takes you into a surreal
reality to which you step into the lives of ordinary people. To which
they are placed in odd situations. Written in Qbasic, yes I know, I must
be a fool not to have written these games in TADS or Inform. But I
myself love writing games in obscure programming languages that can
be played on any version of windows. So if I could receive some feedback
that would be swell.
Where is (399 KB)
Dracula’s (382 KB)

I downloaded Dracula’s ride previous to this, but alas - I use a Mac.

Like HanonO, I also downloaded Dracula’s ride previous to this, but I use an Android, unfortunately.

Unauthorized port to Inform.
Where Is Everybody.gblorb (639 KB)

Another unauthorized port to Inform.
Dracula’s Ride.zblorb (409 KB)