Trouble with scrolling (Quixe)

I’ve been trying to release with a website, and then modify the CSS.

In glkote.css, when I change the BufferWindow font-size to 16px or 17px, I get “the scrolling problem” that I think has come up before – after playing several turns, the prompt starts appearing below the window edge, which makes it hard to continue.

Other slight adjustments of the font and padding parameters in BufferWindow can also cause this problem.

But when everything is left at the default values, it works correctly.

I’m observing the problem in Quixe versions 2.1.6 and 2.2.1.

Running on Firefox 116.

I wonder if anyone can duplicate this issue in Firefox or other browsers. (I quickly checked with Edge and didn’t see the problem, but I didn’t try many variations.)

(EDIT: To clarify, those are the two versions of Quixe I have. I haven’t tested any others – I assume the problem happens in most or all versions.)


I can’t help, but this reminds me that I’ve had this scrolling problem with several high-profile Quixe games I’ve played recently, like Cragne Manor and (I believe) Ryan Veeder’s Authentic Fly Fishing. Very annoying.

What browser are you using?

Parchment might work better in some situations: GitHub - curiousdannii/parchment: The Interactive Fiction web app

But changing one isolated CSS value could break something if other values also need to be changed. CSS sizes are particularly tricky to get right in IF interpreters.

Plenty of CSS messing-about has been done to both Cragne Manor and RVAFF. I can’t reproduce any scrolling issues in RVAFF (which uses Quixe 2.1.7) but Cragne Manor (1.3.0) is super broken. So I’ll try updating that to 2.1.7.

For diagnostic purposes I should clarify: In Cragne Manor using Quixe 1.3.0, when the story got to the bottom of the window and the prompt went off the screen, the “More” button appeared in the bottom right corner, but I couldn’t scroll down to reach the prompt, and clicking on the “More” button didn’t do anything. So it was the same type of issue, but even more broken than the situation @dibianca describes.

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Online play of Cragne Manor has been updated to Quixe 2.1.7 and it works fine now (Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Is this the one difference between 2.1.6 and 2.1.7 that will resolve @dibianca’s issue? Maybe. Somehow I doubt it. There’s always something.


I apologize for not checking in about this. I have not yet tried to reproduce the problem. I may get a chance to look at it tomorrow.

I don’t think I’ve run into this exact problem before. The thing is supposed to adjust to any font size, and I’ve messed with the fonts a fair amount in the past.

We had a lot of trouble with MORE appearing in short windows – i.e, situations where a window was exactly three lines high and contained exactly three lines of text. That isn’t what’s happening here, though.

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I just tried the newer version of Cragne Manor (using 2.1.7), and I still experience the same type of problem: the scroll bar won’t stay scrolled down to the bottom, and if I try to drag it down, it keeps popping back up.

It’s not serious in Cragne Manor – the input line is appearing right at the bottom of the window, so it’s playable. In my own test, the scroll bar offset is larger, so the input line is disappearing.

I can’t replicate this on the Cragne Manor page in Chrome or Firefox, even if I get in developer tools and set the BufferWindow font-size to 18. I’m happy to turn some other knobs though if I can help clear this up.

Using Firefox, I can aggravate the problem in Cragne Manor by pressing ctrl-+ to increase the zoom level.

Thanks, that’s helpful to know.

Browser zoom has required Quixe fixes in the past because it leads to non-integer element sizes, which my original code wasn’t necessarily ready to deal with.


For what it’s worth, I am currently failing to reproduce the problem in Safari and Chrome. And I don’t have Firefox on this laptop. I’ll take another look on my other machine tonight.

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It also seems to have been fixed in Cragne Manor for me! (I’m using Chrome.)

Even with browser zoom in Firefox I cannot make Cragne Manor misbehave!

Okay, I can see this on Play Cragne Manor (no CSS changes) in Windows Firefox with browser zoom at 120%. Doesn’t happen on Mac, even though it’s the same version of Firefox (117.0).

That’s annoying, but at least it’s something to go on.

I’m also using Windows (Windows 10, Firefox 116.03).

Nope, I can make it happen on both Mac and Windows now – but it has something to do with window width.

I am now testing at , Firefox, 120% zoom. Type “Z” a few times to fill up the window. If I dink around with the window size until it’s pretty narrow, I can make the bug appear, but it’s not consistent.

EDIT-ADD: Okay, I see at least some of what’s happening. There’s invisible divs set to send events when the window resizes, but in the I7 layout they’re firing constantly. Well, that sucks.

I can get the bug to happen pretty easily at your page, doing what you said.

Is it reasonable to rely on ResizeObserver rather than the CSS tricks I’ve been using? Seems like browsers support it as of 2020.

I use it in AsyncGlk.