Trouble With Real Time Delays

I am a bit lost here. Can someone tell me why this works:

Instead of taking the chocolate bar: say "You pause. Do you really want...[paragraph break]"; if glulx timekeeping is supported: wait 2000 milliseconds before continuing; say "...God! Of course you do! You devour it without removing the wrapper."; remove the chocolate bar from play.

but this doesn’t:

Instead of touching the reiver blade: if the player has the reiver blade: now terminatingaction is on; say "[line break]The box wood handle is polished and smooth from cycles of handling, the grip feels sure in your hand. Running a finger down the blade's cold steel you confirm that its twin edges are razor sharp."; if glulx timekeeping is supported: wait 1500 milliseconds before continuing; say "You are in "; now player is in location;

The second one produces this error msg:

Fatal Error: Printing text to a window that is waiting for line or character input is not allowed.

There are no hyperlinks or any other secondary input associated with this bit of code. Confused?

I don’t have Real Time Delays in front of me but I assume it uses Glulx timers.

I’ve run into this same error message with Glulx notifications. There’s a workaround here:

For some reason I thought there were plans to change Glulx Entry Points to handle this differently, though I don’t see it among the planned changes here:

Or maybe I’m not recognizing it–I’m not actually sure what all those items mean.

Spindraft, there may be something else in your code that is causing that error. Can you post a complete story file that exhibits the same behavior?