trouble with paragraphs/line breaks

I’m having trouble making line breaks work.

This is all coming out as a block of text, on a single line:

+++ AltTopic "<q>Is that really what I think it is?</q> you whisper.\b <q>Yes!</q> she whispers back."

as is this:

+++AltTopic "<q>Is that really what I think it is?</q> you whisper. <.p><q>Yes!</q> she whispers back."

I’m running out of ideas here. How can I add line breaks and new paragraphs to my Tads 3 text output? Am I overlooking something really obvious?

I use the second from, with <.p>, extensively in adv3Lite. It should work. The only reason I can think of for why it might not work is if you’re using some code that interferes with the output transcript. An extension? Something you wrote yourself?

Also, just to be clear, is this in adv3 or adv3Lite?


Hm. if it’s just me then, I’ll start cutting out extensions and code and see if I can isolate the problem.


I’m running Gargoyle as an interpreter, because I’m on Linux. The interpreter is losing all of the formatting tags, and it seems to work on Windows.
Well now I know.

You should probably report this to Ben Cressey, who I believe maintains Gargoyle. They have a mailing list on google groups (!forum/garglk-dev).

You may also want to look into qtads. It supports most (if not all) of the TADS formatting functions.

Thanks, on both accounts. I’ll look into both submitting the bug report and the interpreter. I did some searching through the known issues, but didn’t see this particular one mentioned.