Trouble replacing part of the Standard Rules

The following should nerf the default player entirely, since it’s the section that defines the properties, description, etc of people.

[code]Stage is a room.

Section - Player Description (in place of Section SR1/11 - People in Standard Rules by Graham Nelson

Section - More stuff

test me with “x me / showme me”

However, when running, “yourself” seems exactly he would if you hadn’t replaced him.

Originally, I was trying to change stuff in here, and got a bunch of I6 compiler errors that I was including things twice. So it seems as if the request to replace the section is silently failing. Is this a bug, or something else?

Appendix A has the line “We have now finished defining the nine fundamental kinds which NI requires in order for it to function.” right after that section you just replaced. Which, by the way, doesn’t define or create Person or Yourself so much as expose them to I7 – they’re already in I6.

A right parenthesis is missing, no?

It was compiling for me earlier, and now it won’t if I try removing the last parenthesis, so I have no idea what happened… but anyway, doing what I want now. Thanks!