Trouble getting html file to work correctly

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Twine Version: 2.3.9
Story Format: Harlowe 3.1.0

When I go to “publish to file,” I get an html file, but cannot get it to work on a website.

Sample html file: file:///Users/FirstGameProject/Downloads/Ebbets%20Copy.html

Any suggestions for what I’m doing wrong? Thank you!

You do know that the “sample HTML file” link you gave only works on your computer, right?

Do you have a link to a version that’s actually on a website?

That seems to be the source of my confusion.

When I click “publish to file,” I got the sample HTML file that you saw. I have a few websites that I can post it to, but I am not sure how to turn take that HTML link and get it on one of my websites. I tried to insert it as a link on a page, but that did not work.

Thank you.

Hey Jay,

When you hit “Publish to File”, Twine is saving an HTML file on your computer. In your example, it’s saving it into your Downloads folder. When you open up that HTML file by double clicking it, it’s opening it in your web browser. If you look at the address bar, you’ll see what you posted above: that “file://…” website address.

When a web address begins with “file://” what it means is “open a file on my computer” and the rest of the address is the location of the file on your computer. When we type that into our web browser, it’ll look on our computer for the file “Users/FirstGameProject/Downloads/Ebbets Copy.html”. That won’t work, since we don’t have that file.

What you need to do is actually upload that file onto a website. You said had a few websites you can post it to. What did you mean by that? I can maybe help show you how to upload it to those websites if I know what they are. The process can sometimes be different from website to website.

For example, if you want to put it on, there is an option when setting up your game to upload an file. The button looks like this:


You would click that and pick the HTML file on your computer (in your Downloads folder).


To follow on this (for specifically,) if your game pulls from a folder (or folders) of supplementary materials such as sound and images, you zip the HTML file and the folder(s) together, making sure the game file is called index.html and in the top level of the zip so itch can find it.



Thanks so much for the information.

I do not use I have two websites that I currently use – (hosted by Volusion) and (hosted by Squarespace).

I could use either of those websites for this html project.

Thank you,

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