Trophies/ Achievements

So I have a game I’m working on that will be fairly short, but with many multiple endings.

I’d like to have a “trophies” section that saves to a file or something each time you get a specific ending, perhaps with a new game + option after all endings are acheived.

So how do I do this? I could do it with tables, but then every time the game is restarted, the trophies would be erased. I assume it’s writing to a file, but I’m not quire keen on how to do this. I feel like this was covered in some other topic, but I’ve been unable to search for it. Any suggestions?

Look at manual chapter 22.10, “Files”, and the following chapters.

Emily Short has an extension for this. I believe it’s called Recorded Endings.


That recorded endings looks perfect, exactly what I was thinking of!