Trizbort v1.6 Released

New official release of Trizbort has been released today. Find the bits at To install, simply download the file at the release link and unzip into the folder of your choice. All files to run should be there. Note: This is still windows only at this point.

Trizbort can now export to Quest, thanks to code from ThePix This brings the systems supported up to 7 (Inform 7, Inform 6, Tads, Hugo, Alan, Zil, and Quest).

Lots of other features, fixes and changes. Find the full release notes at the link above.

As always, if any issues or suggestions, feel free to add an issue on Github as that’s the easiest for me to track them.


Minor update with a few bug fixes and a couple small features. Check it out at … tag/v1.6.1