Trizbort v1.5.9.6

A minor update that fixes a few bugs and adds a few new features, most notably a Find feature (Ctrl-F) that has been quite handy on larger maps.

Release is available on GitHub -

As always, feedback is welcome. Older version still available on GitHub if you want to fall back.


A quick little bug fix release that fixed one issue introduced in the automapper in the last release and an older bug that caused issues exporting to I7 code for older maps. … g/v1.5.9.7

nice program

I tried the auto-mapper. It worked on a given transcript, but can it read the transcript live whilst it’s being played and emitted?

This could be a files thing. The game program is writing to the transcript. I can list the content, but trizbort doesn’t see any changes. If i quit the game and quit Trizbort, then re-run it, it will pick up the whole transcript.

Do you need write permission for the file, because this would explain it.


It should read it in live as you play the game. Are you using the latest version There was a bug in that made the live automapping a bit unreliable. If you have the latest, what interpreter are you using to play the game?