Trizbort v1.5.9.5 released

Small release with a few minor enhancements and bug fixes. Biggest change is probably the ability to make a connection a door. Currently only exports to Inform 7.

Visit for update.

Please let me know if you’ve got any feedback or requests.

The link against August - Latest release still points to April version.(

I’d never used Trizbort before and tried Automapping for my first time today. I had some problems with automapping a dark room, which I suppose is to be expected, but worse, I couldn’t find any way to fix the map once this error had occurred.

The transcript looked like this. (This transcript can be used to repro the bug.)

Unsurprisingly, this confused the automapper; it created two rooms in the “same place” to the east of Outside Cave. I understand that this is kinda inevitable given the constraints the system is operating under.

But to my surprise, I could find no way to “dedupe” the rooms manually in the UI. How can I tell Trizbort, “These rooms with different names are actually the same room?”

Thanks for fixing the link.