Trizbort (or other) maps for IFComp 2021

That looks like one of the organic molecules I used to study…

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My game (“Cygnet Committee”) has a map that updates in real-time. There’s no point in saving it since it’s in the game itself, but maybe showing it here will persuade someone to play the game.


@pbparjeter that’s very well done and I like the line drawing against the color that gives a clear idea of where we can go.

I still feel like I am picking off the short games, myself, because I don’t have the endurance (yet) to tackle longer and possibly more profound ones. And my hope for this topic was to get maps for the longer games, so people would ease into them.

Anyway, now that I said that, I’m promptly making a u-turn to present a map of another relatively short game, What Remains of Me, which is relatively short.

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Map for Last Will and Testament, a sub-game inside RetroCon 2021.


There is a more colourful map for House on Highfield Lane here:

You may find Wade has drawn the two drawing rooms the wrong way. It depends…


Wabewalker map. May be more spoiler-ish than usual. I could add which panels have which lights in the future.

legend, slight spoilers again

red = death
grey = television
blue = mirror


The author requested I spoiler/detailify an actual Trizbort map of we, the remainder, and from how the game unfolds, that makes sense, because finding certain things is part of the game’s emotional impact. For those who want to find certain things on their own, I recommend the redacted map.

This is not as aesthetic as their cool ASCII map (also in-game,) but I hope it adds value to this thread.

we, the remainder trizbort map with critical notation redacted
we, the remainder trizbort map


Orange = woman Mystery
red = memories (Grove isn’t an official one but kicks you back immediately, and you can’t return)


Dr. Horror’s House of Terror, by Ade McT

Another game with split maps, the north and south areas. If I didn’t, it would be too tall and wide for most screens. I hope/don’t think the blurred colors showing the map layout spoil anything–they just give you an idea of how big all the studios are.

These aren’t fully annotated with who is where. I may add that later. It’s a tough, long game. The south lot and north lot, though I didn’t explicitly show it in the separate maps, are indeed south and north of each other.


Beneath Fenwick, by Pete Gardner

This is a choice-based game, but given it has a strong parser influence and you are told “X is to the north” and such, I cobbled together a map.


Mermaids of Ganymede chapter 4, sea area

This is technically just a collection of 11 rooms from 10 feet below to 110. This is in Ink, so no specific directions, but there are east and west ways up the iceberg. Sometimes there will be two ways up. In that case, I labeled the connectors to disambiguate.

Sea area

I Contain Multitudes, by Wongalot

The ship has five levels, so I went with a rainbow theme to describe top (red) to bottom (blue). The map won’t spoil much, but just in case, I put it behind a tag.

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Silicon and Cells: the MUD area

This is pretty penny-ante as a map, though it’s a neat part of the game. You can probably find your way around yourself. But some people may not know there’s a MUD in the game, and if you’re worried it’s prohibitively complex … no, it is not. So for completion’s sake …

These were all the maps I was able to find, but if anyone has any requests (even for their own game,) I can try to make a few more, since I’ve gotten to all the reviews for the other entrants. It’s been fun seeing this topic get to almost 1000 views, even if it’s not a review topic, and I’m grateful for the outside contributions.


Oh, hey, wait! There’s one more! Plane Walker!

Green = near end, blue = plane, yellow = below ground