Trizbort (or other) maps for IFComp 2021

Without getting too spoilery, I’d be interested in maps of some games with cardinal directions. And I’d like to offer my own. This might not be for everyone all the time, but I know sometimes I’m just not interested in drawing out a map. I use Trizbort.

map for Brave Bear (relatively small)

Also, anyone who wants, feel free to request a map, so if anyone else wants to chip in, they can. No promises, of course, but sometimes once you ask, people say “Oh yeah, I can do that!” Or a map that seems like no big deal, so who would want it? It might inspire someone to give an entry they’d otherwise have ignored a try.

List of other maps in this topic, with the most recent being the Silicon and Cells MUD area:

4x4 Archipelago

Beneath Fenwick
Brave Bear
Cygnet Committee
Dr. Horror’s House of Terror
Finding Light
The House on Highfield Lane

I Contain Multitudes
The Library
Mermaids of Ganymede chapter 4/iceberg
Off-Season at the Dream Factory

Plane Walker
RetroCon 2021 “Last Will and Testament” subgame
Second Wind
Silicon and Cells MUD area
Song of the Mockingbird
The Spirit Within Us
we, the remainder
What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed
What Remains of Me

Here's a list of all the games on IFDB with a link whose name contains the word map
MariaDB [ifdb]> select distinct l.gameid, g.title from games g join gamelinks l on = l.gameid join gameRatingsSandbox0 s on s.gameid = where l.title regexp 'map' order by starsort desc;

op0uw1gn1tjqmjt7 | Anchorhead
u58d0mlbfwcorfi  | Hadean Lands
j18kjz80hxjtyayw | Trinity
2xyccw3pe0uovfad | Spider and Web
yutkd9u0oeog4br1 | Eat Me
p0cizeb3kiwzlm2p | Savoir-Faire
41cr9x95gu6tlfeu | The Impossible Bottle
pw1rbjt1t4n4n87s | Junior Arithmancer
yspn49v69hzc8rtb | Alias 'The Magpie'
y9y7jozi0l76bb82 | A Beauty Cold and Austere
z5xgyw0jbt9r3ah1 | Babel
8upuvdnsk4sho6ac | Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom
fylzkxxyxjvoya6  | Chlorophyll
436g2gu94kxin4x7 | Zozzled
z3scyumvgsr75blm | Oppositely Opal
ec6x9y8qcmsrxob9 | Foo Foo
9ntef9expou18abv | The King of Shreds and Patches
cpwktis6qwh9ydn8 | Augmented Fourth
wqsmrahzozosu3r  | Spellbreaker
xwedbibfksczn7eq | Gun Mute
6f1j5et0lguk2fol | Hunger Daemon
3a4kqs374jqu2li6 | Nightfall
stsdri5zh7a4i5my | Inside the Facility
afy6ej5cn9hof20m | Three-Card Trick
xi4s5ne9m6w821xd | Ad Verbum
4x7nltu8p851tn4x | Cragne Manor
ugca99t2yhtat452 | Ollie Ollie Oxen Free
kbd990q5fp7pythi | Six
2jil5vbxmbv8riv1 | The Wand
t61i5akczyblx2zd | For a Change
3myqnrs64nbtwdaz | The Dreamhold
9pirdetlvv55uaob | Perdition's Flames
mxj7xp4nffia9rbj | howling dogs
l4ziasab1x8t799c | A Rope of Chalk
sicva377zqygxcq2 | Return to Ditch Day
snk6qx8hfn3xpm0a | Adventurer's Consumer Guide
yzzm4puxyjakk8c4 | Zork II
00e0t7swrris5pg6 | 1893: A World's Fair Mystery
g4uj2rf4a66ko1t8 | Illuminismo Iniziato
x8toy0ku3y2af6se | Dead Like Ants
vrsot1zgy1wfcdru | Zork III
cg4j40i7wq34ggo1 | Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina
d9h1r3d920ap8ajf | Firebird
xsc77fvvd4oz76oz | The Weight of a Soul
b21j5feykymttixm | Skybreak!
si9s1jktywxj5vdk | PataNoir
exqee55x0wx1ktfs | Stuff of Legend
b1xy3s75cjlty973 | Glowgrass
jfab6frk3f6g5yme | The Lurking Horror II: The Lurkening
1f4p0kxdwofvcp3i | Whitefield Academy of Witchcraft
ljqfvoa6dshtk8xa | Yes, Another Game with a Dragon!
dlutvnw8azuqvq2e | The Ascent of the Gothic Tower
o2ghqa7oal5f3y0z | Vain Empires
tcebhl79rlxo3qrk | The Weapon
sgas14we0jk2fgse | The Temple of Shorgil
4gxk83ja4twckm6j | Zork
ajzw6jutat2aeqa  | Andromeda Awakening - The Final Cut
9xifpt8k3n3s4ky5 | The Price of Magik
ch39pwspg9nohmw  | Shuffling Around
32u49mceyst7p8ey | The Owl Consults
u16mpjnk07d3l8i2 | Tethered
h9x354wyakeeanik | Bigger Than You Think
3378ciuch6fpkwzq | Charming
1ajyh9lns8rldsmb | Wonderland
qn6cpl4l0qle6mfc | Advent Door
7btsk9iqqku2t8g9 | En Garde
ngcuiadqoqzy1yn0 | Tuuli
fcm1ikz9ttr6i99a | The Fire Tower
qp3nwql4qjko4sz  | Best Gopher Ever
dcvk7bgbqeb0a71s | Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret
t8w3t99u3rwkptvg | Sohoek Ekalmoe
bxio01ferbyxr4rk | The Sleeping Princess
x6ne0bbd2oqm6h3a | Balances
zywbjqch3w9elp79 | John's Fire Witch
vva8s4r00b3zli59 | Indigo
uqy4x2pm6cslbrs0 | The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M
12dn9xrj59l5yno8 | Future Threads
7rcl3tz5xrrhxgds | Opening Night
hns325nqsfp9q8wk | Grooverland
kvg34tnaj1zpydoe | Aunts and Butlers
g78vfdrxiqlsdxfx | Untold Riches
h63kzv5acq9s7dak | Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!
jhin6voi6vzmpk68 | HOLY ROBOT EMPIRE
p1aeyayy7mdw2ea6 | Geist - An Interactive Geek Horror
op5a8ug80gwyoagl | Zeppelin Adventure
ihy5uqr6hoy0ey11 | Gaia, �iva, Jarilo
fd01exmndewhod5r | Ka
wfvywkf14yxjatmm | Dial C for Cupcakes
f99kibzl2391pe02 | Out
ar5x88sqx6qvef7g | Molly and the Butter Thieves
g4bppjzcsezfuwah | ASCII and the Argonauts
ddteat6razxljsz4 | Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 2: Journey to Hell
kgsm2kt7uq391eqa | Entangled
tw6qvi45s7fx50i  | Mite
2ottee5x0vwqxl0p | Homecoming
pgklownuffqn25nh | The Horror of Rylvania
tu1meismk6t6jih5 | Ariadne in Aeaea
iwnjysclklhi1zwn | Beet the Devil
kbl5rtgrplm5l1vt | Moving (On)
i8rgwxt2m2nf8fco | The Cabal
ic0ebhbi70bdmyc2 | Tryst of Fate
otfp9kbrk5ki5ie  | The Xylophoniad
timl7wld6zp9otsf | Book and Volume
u8qqrwutdugkexpr | T-Zero
7d5kjxqadyuyfgzu | Letters from Home
h6yue7liyshi27rp | The Lesson of the Tortoise
4np21bl7mr02wsk2 | Napier's Cache
ozmtl3j82zwtpwxn | Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 1: the Awakening
zs1h6f3xv54azdn  | Crocodracula: The Beginning
sukcyaee2fd9isre | Captivity
cefpt9ubleq41v3w | Inevitable
z1owjprlmrms8f8s | Wrenlaw
35lhw7heoug2z2xn | The Empty Chamber: A Celia Swift Mystery
ehgrdmftq2kj7cci | The Light: Shelby's Addendum
m7bgf8mop636i32o | The Lost Spellmaker
mfqhj02butg1y0wf | Flattened London
hq39kkky5ydqie   | Speculative Fiction
z0ll5j2z6vlpqx4g | Dynamite Powers vs. the Ray of Night!
vlsvsfinckq930o5 | Once and Future
3pfco8kg9xs3ahil | Mammal
9af3dz94zvblmnan | How to Win at Rock Paper Scissors
a1w0vji75vccanab | Toonesia
ay0yfjdivax1m40e | Byzantine Perspective
il36qu5o26ipvwzs | The Erudition Chamber
d6onbnfgwk48o83j | Bullhockey!
89qmjvv4cb0z93t5 | The Count
jwj9zj64g3pcckoc | Down, the Serpent and the Sun
igcp4nw7md3ylwjs | Coke Is It!
063nxblhu07vizfx | Yellow Dog Running
y7j3nudckw62a7uo | Briar
59ztsy9p01avd6wp | Goldilocks is a FOX!
b84hb49wzlzth5x0 | Tex Bonaventure and the Temple of the Water of Life
9chg1cyv3xssz0ae | My Evil Twin
5fa4qdo3qakotbup | Spellbound
v8cg4xwjxjwua20k | Poppet
ovbxika0f1e03g6i | Nothing But Mazes
dqqpdmlkuw8o9e05 | You've Got a Stew Going!
6uzu0u107mj4rbhd | Piracy 2.0
g4cgwblf9pzr91u  | A Flustered Duck
z6r8cv8lkaw5mp9w | Small World
t15dwwysqvz2ptug | Scarlet Portrait Parlor
wmk9ipzv1qmgspor | Everybody Loves a Parade
j8ixxid3k65ijwj3 | Bullhockey 2 - The Return of the Leather Whip
f5mkursovywoc4h1 | The Best Man
f4pv5jn8r1aeu02  | Daddy's Birthday
81bdgurpjldfd0nt | Basilica de Sangre
8ovhr7mn59aut5qm | Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist
7a3yn4x0aor0jxfd | The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode
u442grrweznars3p | The Orion Agenda
og03iq6afol27gez | In a Manor of Speaking
8o4lnoya4kg6ud7h | Ugly Chapter
2gh8bselanlyh6g  | The Lost Islands of Alabaz
zkbp7ygz2uafxr1c | The Duel That Spanned the Ages
o94jb9tkmb7w4y46 | Muggle Studies
p5aumfiwlv23qgfg | Aayela
annp0nwttzb4jhcb | Baluthar
l8g79u3ornkvzykl | El Esp�ritu de la Sidra
o6iksmr9gx8d99bj | Light into Darkness
hnyq3r7745wvqnty | Acid Rain
jk6dlgkrh7zn5r9d | Frobozz Magic Support
3kmxtza6171jehxa | Frenemies; or, I Won An Andy Phillips Game!
jonuv3g4tn1t1i   | Bobby and Bonnie
0qjsfw4stwz2g1zd | Piece of Mind
ijqbkacn2m89es8e | Gaucho - An Interactive Geek Western
plzdi06otgxs6u2t | Gremlins
12pkmwaekw4suh7g | The Awakening
9b5k96bteakgcvdl | Orevore Courier
cpjghpdd3q80at2r | Katana
lax9p102k6irr1x8 | The Frenetic Five vs. Mr. Redundancy Man
imvpmb0vj115hqt9 | Jacks or Better to Murder, Aces to Win
nkz7z040sdfa5agn | Intro to Jabberwocky
pk89q1m7lrz7mg73 | The Cove
xtjl0qi2ek8gxdoi | On the Farm
2ungxx2lyy5sob4g | Ditch Day Drifter
3si7cd7p2s5t2p1w | Planet of the Infinite Minds
omvvydr09hf23hkh | Mean Mother Trucker
aa6m5ycux2y5iwuk | Lords of Time
jv44vefxfo77yfep | Things
axzhbgr7dn7fba5g | Tenth Plague
tqpowvmdoemtooqf | SPIRITWRAK
fk3w5ueatnpdbfk  | Captain Cutter's Treasure
o0szbgfo63ccuysn | This is the game that I wrote
r0tn6id0wlaat4o0 | Splashdown
y9a9617r5hmsl7f1 | Koustrea's Contentment
hezxpduzfi3v8shg | A Pilgrim
nmr68r3c6jja244q | Founder's Mercy
c55q98mhkkngsrkq | Swineback Ridge
sh4u6tis7lugg0vg | Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets
3pbb1qgt5sgiwxpk | And the Waves Choke the Wind
fb6glir6bmonljyq | Maiden of the Moonlight
cjm84d6ke6slw050 | Gone Out For Gruyere
kq9qgjkf2k6xn1c0 | The Temple
kozmwlhgd6icof6x | Bugged
m4n8tffzohgxtj3v | Mental Entertainment
1ugd7bxtrg2457y1 | Digging for Onions
uxs2s81b63bfygxr | Low
rc3elq851ahfs0da | Shades of Gray
qnctd1t1exifgwsi | The Surprising Case of Brian Timmons
qp0i457yr5v4t74k | 2604
bneu56edziv34622 | Niney
9e02f0cesyaqceux | Hangar 22
kszv99z9a2eas65m | Best Laid Plans
hskp3c5jt812tgsn | metrolith
t7f9fnjbofpafxg9 | Old King Nebb
9g7e1p3tyeyoiivq | Headless, Hapless
oq9r03a5x7vixejp | Halothane
4jh66h2nl6sf1x2k | Trapped in a One-Room Dilly
b6tooi55yp4op4qp | Castronegro Blues
zsqw24sq49w6et3q | Easter Egg Hunt 2020
voa5lwdmpy8epmjn | Foreign Soil
l1iwa0k61xuz3nkg | Seabase Delta
gmdp2mqidymgqyc4 | Identity Thief
s261gocee0qwv4rs | Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.
mxkm4l4flvzhj1ih | La Noche del Ensayo
disk8jhpff89uh4s | Dragon Flies Like Labradorite
3fmgwtnx2x6zbsje | Bloodless on the Orient Express
fnhon72qmwlvwb8  | Rainbow Bridge
wmeqyqnjdi3adqk9 | Lovely Assistant: Magical Girl
fhfi3eolorfe1as  | The Sky in the Room
1yti1am4l16mjkti | Grubbyville
3phl5p15ic26apub | The Problems Compound
tz1ugjwk48v1ibb7 | Old Jim's Convenience Store
5rrdc1i3nrryvckj | MythTale
bsifhw1ik8524evd | Under the Bed
d0psfju3r9vdd4ah | The Unstoppable Vengeance of Doctor Bonesaw
9hpl6jujhjhl92tk | Chickens of Distinction
myejb4ual3rfi9gj | Djibouti Dirigible Discombobulation
r5d6phjstyp3rgex | Clusterflux
n8c9whn8wjp1y422 | Sins Against Mimesis
nwyd2hk2ntmhodlg | Lethe Flow Phoenix
zorhryuoy2iuafem | Yak Shaving for Kicks and Giggles!
zfis82bb2nl9t4rp | Scapeghost
wjkg89918ttdbkm2 | Mingsheng
wjcxkqyoqsxo2l8u | Beat the Devil
wxps464qkde0chmq | Ice House of Horrors
rjsdshessbvd57s3 | Guttersnipe: St. Hesper's Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous
2972hkbtewi2l19d | The Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas
78j0cj40r9hu0aiw | Hey, Jingo!
a8l9yzh11dupy0k  | Santa's Sleigh Ride
1qv4dxqv5aj1894j | Escape from Ice Station Hippo
s4girkccjl8mtwh4 | Puddles on the Path
dnqnvbtgkfhni3b8 | Heist
4lyivfptn0eed4a1 | The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang
77ir1th0ea7su9qm | Acheton
7w4byew43sgkwj2  | Awakening
6yacvo40x2x8h94p | A Roiling Original
kma92ocfnbanw1mw | Return to the Stars
82f6px0qqdtrghrx | Dutch Dapper IV: The Final Voyage
gnfqftiy4rvzzdnn | Weishaupt Scholars
og54uzaryp1nh1jh | Ralph
fu9e102btvigqwpc | Hero, Inc Part 1: Calling All Heroes
ihrvzvqkerv7idkn | Codex Sadistica: A Heavy-Metal Minigame
x8ohk12d1a6f12ge | Cold Iron
7vced6ujtrekmoib | The Lion in Winter
8xa9rs1qwwkonif2 | 1982
zy2o84xckwqgdn2l | Buried In Shoes
thq10p0o23bngmp0 | Tookie's Song
8kekvt062lefgl2  | Light Of My Stomach
vkz4n14j8yy7ioyi | The Bibliophile
2qoty4dvyj3dry8f | Scary House Amulet!
nlb5cxhdabfkn0zz | The Dream-Trap of Zzar
wznex7prhy59rg   | Earl Grey
a4nv3q9ne0q8e7z  | Dead Pavane for a Princess
ilxp70lxcl9m9y00 | Please Help Me
l6k48jz3oidat0ji | Birmingham IV
zfeuarrln2hoar99 | Tea Ceremony
tpxys0qv1iho5m9m | So I Was Short Of Cash And Took On A Quest
7meohfpafl69at2  | Interface
8uxkgjfo3vzzt8d9 | The Sea of Night
yern8xmey2e5dcwj | The Cavern of the Morlocks/La caverne des Morlocks
fezkbf4xtiuwbe36 | Quite Queer Night Near
rlxb5i0vjrnfr6x9 | Ghost Town
hu60gp1bgkhlo5yx | The Jewel of Knowledge
9v8rkkvgyt2xps   | Uxmulbrufyuz
qretewgb3e9sf2sn | Tin
1x7s63j46xov6dns | The Coast House
7ti3b00rs64iubx2 | Eric's Gift
r1h3phudfebfbozs | April in Paris
del5wj27flagk67r | The Mind Electric
k82q3libhff6ks8l | Deep Space Drifter
xp9sk89xtoyjcnc  | Escape from Dinosaur Island
3pz48y6gj7t0tv5w | Danny Dipstick
nwsyyhdxj20lg6ya | The Crystal Palace
pr8ihnu7390x8uqd | Peeling Lucky
gjvqzy2pjuwxru2  | The Day I saved Elvis
j369sts9d7g9xlu8 | Robin of Sherlock
a6dk2f6i4pym1m2  | Moonwrecked
8ps8thn9t80pscsc | Buried Alive
ieeabzu58e2mzjpq | The Isle of the Cult
ug3qu521hze8bsvz | Sherlock
e45ifr7k7vvuqqh5 | Bellclap
2bavj7k3yeckppxj | The Horrible Rotten Dancing Dragon...Strikes!!!
8cfrh2p2imthsgss | Take the Dog Out
f1su3oa3uca0wtwg | Cheesed Off!
wm5kdshyewe9dxmh | Truth
n7qavgsmxn8pmnlx | The Sofa At The End Of The Universe
h49uai7edl5oc5c2 | Labyrinth
f7u68nd9cquz72br | Sardoria
fefl7lv3sdoawkhc | Quest for the Magic Healing Plant
39aonvkrzc0kmie2 | The Profesee
hql7lozn6l9rmdhj | Post-Christmas Letdown
hz68ip3mgrx3hibx | Keepsake
visgp8mtw1wjlrx5 | Unscientific Fiction
qs2apzva7hkrdzcy | History Repeating
mptkggj7883bke   | The Wayward Story
p8oja5e142ymm1n2 | The Unicorn Pool
hy4inhlsv3udyu9g | Dracula - Prince of Darkness (formerly "House of the Midnight Sun")
pfu307jt43d5due1 | Kaboot's Story
rpvhmln4tve5wmww | Brain of the Night Guest
it44h0ftah562k9z | A Scurvy of Wonders
wa5kt48vwbvi4jrg | Four Days of Summer
2xpjwqy4953d4o52 | Guttersnipe: The Baleful Backwash
hxb9w8nsowgom8qw | The Apprentice
mkxx214q0ss7xbs8 | Narcissi
g0igvmdw79armepk | The Dragon Diamond
830bqs4rzktlkc9  | To Catch A Dragonfly
e42b91ddesea9wju | Hidden Verbiage
j3ma93tpxretlrjw | Abracadabra
17fwqpx0htvzbhgq | J'dal
nanqt26hzkvujlmg | The House on Sycamore Lane
qbohkrwdlqpoixbq | Over Here!
licdh19ppulnmwbr | Frankenstein
gwaxb5l94cv7lqn  | The Day time stood still
gbum4w6lvn57h9ps | King Arthur's Night Out
3hclj9x304qu4uho | You Are Here
on95l7bh0ve8dm4p | Jon Doe � Wildcard Nucleus
wuw8ag487i3vr4dr | 98769765
benz76ren7qbkr0t | The Fox, The Dragon, and The Stale Loaf of Bread
pps1ho75c2rannke | Haunted House
qgz3f290qxbp1k85 | FIRST WAVE, Then Jump Up and Down Screaming
vchsmiok2zmrsnze | The Bean Stalker
ua5w205yarpb0c8  | The Magnificent Museum of Masterly Masterworks
le7usfcad7nxvo82 | The Four Eccentrics
j4tux07hmgd36cid | Martha's Big Date
j0f8wnp4k8gussv7 | Valkyrie 17
no3imuno2uq7aexi | The Bryant Collection
rt6brl1fmmjf0y7u | Chaos
rw8ipy7o8hgpq82o | I Must Play
25tvza96jojhdjw5 | Go West
y2l9aye4shrytruq | Murder on the Big Nothing
l9pk65bqrd9vc6l3 | A Moment of Hope
zsole7usixgh2uxr | Chicken and Egg
drsi3d1e0yz0nls0 | Another Day, Another Sea Monster
gqgurglncygeh4jw | A Night at Milliways
2ad9ic3dzn0hrxa1 | Dino Hunt
92r2r4jp050uhzcm | A Sugared Pill
fg73hgne2htwpbak | Not Just A Game
btbvrvpttrzts917 | Burglar!
q6kx2h2dm6cr1sbt | The Saga of Erik the Viking
hoeuhr741nslrflc | Schattenweg
5dnrdvsn74fonc5b | Countdown 1: The Body
ezctnq73sgvpcsr3 | The Treachery of Zorag
2ehua4969kymorst | Cloud 99
7se2x3ryh42mnnop | Mindbender
gqmk9o1iogawq1oj | Countdown 2: The Soul
1y6n7ki6jqcpasq7 | The Story of Mr. P
p8jq87dmq2xo1nze | La Seine
nnm45wpavnq45f3r | Dream Pieces 2
yurg8ah4pdcapc5g | Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder
4uimsc6i8a0rabki | Turning Point
9bn7pkna93ct7r8s | And So It Goes
7datxqc6cdlj3p6u | Dead of Winter
irzhe88d72p2ky06 | Behold!
fxcq9pchj9hfm5g  | The Oldest Hangover on Earth
pjgxrkgnaapbudtl | Lomalow
usdy3xjxvvk9t8yw | The Day I mauled ...
qwjqeiz2858egggi | A Christmas Game
b6fz0awms527hja0 | Krakatoa Tuna Melt
p3ll441r7a5r12yh | Winter Break at Hogwarts
8a1iccjhv36jnr9o | Dude, Where's My Scapula?
et60g5yvv1cob3sp | The Onion of Destiny
pskuuml9cr7tohew | At the Bottom of the Garden
l7zojsfo4lnp8wlo | Mission From Short
12juh3zezv0j0tih | Don't Fire Until You See The Yellows Of Their Niblets
jg21py29vp32f9uo | Doom, Death, Destruction and All That
vkq2m2wnpza4u08v | Captain Speedo: The New Generation Series Premiere: Missed by a hair - but not forgotten!
59xa3rxg0lu5bo6e | Hank Buzzcrack Has A Job To Do, God Damn It
3d3z2tvvqmnjup1  | Spaceship!
kpdoa24cvcilfg5m | Die Gerechten Richter
fvykwu7cadi6r3fh | Colours
5iztuxwskbjiktqu | Bored Ladders
b1zu4mfrt4k0r6   | A dead man's hug
2x6lamp1700wzqmu | Coming Out of the Closet
c6orei162uuq1x3v | The Day I came back
bbywumouctsr5oku | A Night at the XYZZYies
cbrjmzbk4vijscy  | Office Goose
l2hqc5pozy26cwn  | The Gateway of the Ferrets
89jx8elud9uqilqj | SpeedIF 19
1bm5jh53n072w1wm | Snowman Sextet Part II
v0atv45znb2ha34v | Adventure in Time and Space
m55h7hzmi44ny39x | Kook U
dd4psaxxggdxkw66 | Ultimate Escape Room: IF City
6npn5k82qqfxkufs | Night of the Walking Dead
64wb1kucje0a7l3p | Phlegm
eiwuqijxvrvjy1qy | Sentencing Mr Liddell
lvk7gtt65lnc32k6 | The Dallas Quest
zf7nng59xqz60hu6 | Magocracy
0u4eqnk37mohejhu | Beyond the Tesseract
fxnlf44opezdtlvp | Endgame
444bn4cxrzg15w25 | Color and Number
wdl54v9f6wapymo6 | The Case of LeAnne's Missing Bunny, Wendy
9yisa78izk2cl1dj | The Obscene Quest of Dr. Aardvarkbarf
ny2i4ekxsbefa4m4 | Tower
6hmsok8t6tboia86 | Amusement Park
r6b01060gcw6vrhn | Toxic Sewage (A (Love) Story)
322cyez8rtuisx2v | The Body
99hicyvv3hnaa1gs | Literacy
7ylhba37cfbks70  | Phantom of the Arcade
mjydjzqtoidccadp | SCI-FI (previously "Jet-Blue")
ykwpwo9rx51a12pr | Les Heures du vent
ren2pwo8ewfbh64q | Dr. Death's House of Horrors
954nt43zwnyvgkbz | The Fluid of Life
gu7s5f0e3yqlqrnb | 21 Points
w2so59lanzm9tgh4 | Wormwood Days II: The Aftermath
1fl6ni6b8yucamm0 | The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo, Episode 42: So Long, and Thanks for All the Books
gctnbl7y7rjbkvyu | The Death of Two Great Minds
zg8p9khmmhtqwavu | How Many Roads Must a Man Walk Down?
96wguzzgxlz4iqsp | Revenge of the Chalupa
574yp5ttl1jzfrf5 | Shangri La
1d98igkovonha9fo | Vindaloo
5f4eydtnk3fjgsl3 | Not Much Time
l29tpws3utzm65js | Digging thru Doctrine of the Dead
vnnupno88e4kl2iy | The Cube
4azctrgdtf1rbocx | Journey from an Islet
phtdyp2jrd98wr7o | We are coming to get you!
hpqjj4d36s6427ua | The Day I shot ...
2pdvzl4wlmq14gq7 | Underground
qiso9f9dphdlcrk  | Irvine Quik & the Search for the Fish of Traglea
i9n10ur9c7vrpas6 | Cheater
dp5ve3wb20xhmmbh | The Courier Who Missed Me
h183ccbpfw361347 | Friar Bacon's Secret
9u8zksm7e51t3bar | Last Day
pa09chq6mftk4gb8 | Sheep Crossing
nnhm4yp172oivtd9 | The Reliques of Tolti-Aph
7jymhpvtptu8yk49 | G.F.S. Sorceress
pvhcdsvpf29gdr9s | The Silence of the Gods
3o6pakoxb7cy3cd5 | Orpington
7iffxnmewfii34zs | Die Geschichte des Herrn P.
j6re8xkf2vbcbfo1 | Sisychickenphus
hbtuhl6wiig7doab | Causality
4h7kqjhw43h4sy8c | The Four Symbols
6mncn610cyw5ig73 | Digging Time!
jd79rqenllnxny3  | A Shadow of Helpfulman
uxki5e2ctum10hx6 | Lost In New York
nfbfwb2gp3sxsk3u | Offensive Probing
oqe8xrhykks7w19x | The Adam and Eve Project
kufk96j21llgevfy | Escape from the Arboretum
3ksy7nefpc7ifnu  | Entropy
i06bhxtc8memjq54 | The Damsel and the Dragon
hdgyw9qysboy2eoa | Unity!
xcf56wttirmve4p5 | Knot To Be Undone
kamwbxiu3d1shgiy | The Ribos Operation
us4bvsed3luztlid | A Christmas Game: The Sequel
8hhjm6cul2qtxim  | The House of Mystery
qk4811x45g1hfbd2 | The Mission
z8xa2yrofvbyagmr | Escape From the Mechanical Bathhouse
2fdamcy0kh9duoc  | The Tale of The Crazy Diaper Man
xz2ht7lrxoyucn4o | El Cetro del Sol
nybdw0bt75c716v3 | IF Progressive One
em7o99947wdhq6ew | An Escape To Remember
mnejfae6kqlcumxu | Cranston Manor
x4t8ssgz3o0cnome | Countdown 3: The Mind
3avs6v40fzf72sek | Sparky and Boots
td8yhkctp6vdizo2 | A Stegosaur's Night Out
k5cohi91e5lnk3tt | Topaz
v2c0pxbi930j8ogf | Veteran Experience
bf073dl8c41har0  | Urban Upstart
6y9uh0f71idtzwua | The Adventures of Barsak the Dwarf
ui5cfvxx2vaikidx | Further
t69su0pe991fbujq | Eunice
sg66pot10xqo57p1 | You Are a Turkey!
ipe61nlesmkutn6y | Squeaky on the Moon
509vwuo8k9fb63vi | The Day I stabbed Stalin
xljv83chcql6ck   | Comrade
i8zvmcrfnwu4jhiu | Mhairie Sioux Escrivain and the Dracula of Hogwarts
w1hvfh2sfprakd1x | Music Education
eu4wiii5kc01q54j | Cheer Up
e29dr0zrmbykhj9i | Pit of the Condemned
rjpiclh0l4dssvl8 | Carnival
1b82dexzzu81ero0 | Return to Zork: Another Story
opn5cybh92j0599t | ASCII and the Argonauts: Astral Plane
uedis82y8lmbgglb | Doomsday
a1qelmjdeyvmi55b | Eruption
9ubap6jll9bkctt1 | Under, In Erebus
gtwpx8ahp5et9nrz | Blue Sky
6kpk3744vsj7wu1v | Order
96ggafrpoktxiej1 | Saied
mpxzbcvn48cqnyvm | Escape from the Underworld
nt5qro7omvmu8uqx | In The House of Professor Evil: The HAM HOUSE
ld1l0p3sz2t46ywe | Destiny of the Chihuahua
422j31x1l6ulwagy | Last Day of Summer
tq10z4gcz6u5rtn0 | A Rock and a Hard Place
j2b4zq833rpnc1yy | SLUDGE
42h356yel4occbjf | Alma Mater
d7c2s41j13eii49j | Auden's Eden
n1769lbr7bt016fa | The Tenyaka Memorial of Vegreville
vobqsvl1a2cxikmu | Vacationing in Scotland
bs0dmmo9585615vt | The Lake
y7gdf3671h662253 | Being the Ending of the Beginning
x9pkxzkp5eq68vu  | The First Snows of Winter
mnvhe7vc6j2elnjz | Fran and Bart Want a Snowman!
optlh2w8r0zc1bn6 | The Man from DEFRA
k3yitx89bd22g260 | The Day I shot Alex
xvhyzcol9t0e9bx  | Apoptosis
y49j52jxdi5b3nbn | PAX East 2010 Speed-IF
b28ih95mcrx9nf0  | The Day I hugged Ghandi
sj5tq6paj6eogluj | The Day of the Queen
1149rau6qbwpsufm | Fantastic Finale IV
iv5o2vhc8ibqus8l | Wizard's Magic
ak40klis5cy2erje | Dark Soul
qiuxwq9hgtkwi15x | Time Place People Water Way
enwyyg6pugbcsdh6 | A Beginning
fadlp5v4tx3pqczu | Cranial Pounding
rqe2d3sltz5dlj2  | The extraordinary events of the last day of Professor Mangleworth
1hx92ynnp6uwjt3  | Denis through the Drinking Glass
f9l40w4tsbnkwply | Sell-Out
zmlwdgbkvii201q  | Ze French countryside is full of fresh air
ryy7jon81wqgmm29 | Because You're Mine
1s9p0gcbog6o268k | Goodbye Cruel Squirrel
wbde35foz6m26xct | Emerald Isle
6zgx37rascjtnme8 | Murder at the Aero Club
gr0f9vad94p0uyaw | The Invisible Argonaut
vy3x71efi2owus0z | Got Toast?
7c1hob5xlmxeyxcl | Zombies!
ovun34wzmcgbua1c | Spy in the Snow
xw8xd1lbofouvb0t | Grayscale
2xromutmokvujyiw | Badland Machine
wqr7i8vjr8p1c28i | SpeedIF of Destiny or Nothing, Punk
44bos8he8k1bsl5s | Reality Show
4hmgcwho6v19weyw | Discord
7ig0kv8t4mdidt1n | Tragedy strikes at the XYZZY awards!
2j4y45dbfdqvfru7 | Tears May Fall
gg9bv0rkdth7d1zb | The Day we got a pet
5acwwdfbclwq9bj4 | Mortlake Manor
sl6aa8c5bs4vsxzb | Yay Games
s1r5mnwjbexdk746 | Castaway
2mbhpd08j9hjtkfh | The Blair Bee Project
9nlqdr8tvpc0vz6j | Ninja Burger
93bin082aybyd5zx | A Night at the Museum Forever
zi08x51hddcswt8w | A Simple Theft
5mcsshrveltc2d1q | Annoyed Undead
n1kqpxi580f5fdej | Polendina
3kb9mycmr3h4ztsk | The Twelve Heads of St. John the Baptist
vcim68hevp0el9c7 | Pen and Paint
7sr1v9vb9r4ansq5 | Diorama
23412ve392nz3zpf | The Forests of Lachryma
x86e78uzy380fdot | Leaves
uu3k97lhrx5zkjwz | A Good Breakfast
72sn7wkuew6579u4 | Blackness
md4c1713wn8hr837 | Red Moon
abu3zwkz390pguau | Porter Cave Adventure
r6g7pflngn3uxbam | The Ludicorp Mystery
dib4ohnm0bm37pjp | Get Treasure For Trabula
avte6y9jgb5xih4n | Runes
hq83p361oqgfgdtt | Atrocitron
2c71pv9ofehfak3x | The Hammer of Grimmold
a78zliovwbq1xnl9 | Adventure in the Fifth Dimension!
m97opgqgfozvi89i | Murder at the Manor
npdcwwefdp105cfr | Into That Good Night
nihjg19j2hcroqb  | Cacophony
2k171zs82dpkinbz | Thorfinn's Realm
mr67fiyrvgai97ms | Revenger
9g18di6qv1trikyx | Camping
ko4maqk88u25370u | Slicker City
vthu58wk6wm7qj1o | Ritual of Purification
vrxmz58qi6ef6si  | A Long Drink
379808h6kxsxu4sn | The Richard Mines
fs7ufjowq87ure7q | Moonbase
xi8aor1wtcl7khje | A Gummi Bear's Night Out
h3n3xzgylxxtyd85 | White Houses
4poj7n7j7wtphju8 | I don't remember why this game is called "Onion"
32nzgcw9qoi4k1i4 | Fifteen
hzjwkt6w6k4921bn | Apartment F209
xvkd027awu8j410l | And Yet it Moves
y82h0tvixm54283d | Practical Astrology
c61pczikwgn5cpyq | A Monkey Stole Your Toast!
q2fl1x6z5z9ghvg7 | Jack's Adventures
5rdx9d8r01z2g6ni | Gymnasium
718q4m0ibedkkoge | Robodud
ht359g3r99j6ajth | Folkar Station
mln9d9wf5lvba7t3 | EGC Paper Chase
kdre0bb9d6t9lt3f | Pollo y Camino
o9y4e4d66o8uf5g7 | Behavior
8jpejjg1ouqk88zg | ADRIFT Maze
hlwxa7usxs5rhlcq | Dinosaur Dinnertime!
fhr5r8i9ix961y3y | Dinosaur Love
61egg3w4kkde6p1z | Eye of the Inca
uyqf32uc3f6alrpp | Merk
bcfzgcptagp2p2zw | The Right Tool
p6paaa2fri4x6ib8 | Learning to Cross
vjmo5k98z6nsrv4q | Duckman
9pmpq8dyzriqc10i | Pirating
8s3tsviwlp45ekad | On the Cross
yqpysrld1p16we16 | Secret of the Starry Depths
6u7qtun98rine65t | Death In the Caribbean
r5jlzvx3g5iijjm  | The Enchanted Castle
g3lyn1smb9dvdy2v | The Amazing Maze
psea7v6ojhd09rit | Fairyland
30hxwjuxqtfwidcj | The Fifth Continent
b30290h5ok3mq5ec | From Thanet to New Romney
ur7o5zonjzbhxsty | The Grand Tour
n6h4jzbiaw8fdztu | A small & simple text adventure
6w1z5nc81nw92pib | The Virtual Grand National
bnhi5znd2ex20goe | Frankenstein's Legacy
r3dy5mdzspuayg08 | Good For Nothing
6lcpjh30sgub4ncz | The Helm
sfimhjmynbf9fa76 | The Dragon Diamond
z66uiemcszslw0sg | In Search of Velocitas fictus
fsty019gaqyhw7d0 | Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head
qblwe4sbi01soljr | Philosopher's Quest
8nr10l8j0dplh8bs | The Golden Apple
6scokjzwsyojjv73 | Land of the Giants
14nc1mkpndddgtfe | Hill 160
4f1m8tui5k2btmhm | Everything We Do Is Games
k4wgf9wqz1pk3fvu | Twilight of the Dogs
1qie1vk17usv2rkr | Fade to Black
yal7mklv8lc4cglc | Samurai Tea Room
x75hgrg57kiay247 | A Bet's A Bet
2sccnsskwtu3jn68 | Beyond The Blue Event Wall
x58egcac5q2uwrcw | Being the Little Guy
exkyy9h5x90n0poz | Rivkin
kqj9zdnubfmfu1cp | WOODEN CAT vs. ROBOT MONKEY
twwcuwa12h89djec | Screw the Boston Tea Party
9wn0d2414996labv | Solid Leather
mjuv7t96iuaz47vz | Zig-zy
kzb35z8hc5w51gcw | The Lone Star Men��e
nkajyqultjxmiwe7 | Robot Gardening
3sgyiom83muxjmu4 | The Amazing Uncle Griswold
5mwsd31guqlqj0kl | The Hobbit
k6a9374jhsdgqcsr | The Homework of Little Carl Gauss
6rhf7eaywwh2bv4q | Jack in the box
rbz9kl3nhstq20p3 | Midair Madness
45bx8jg85ujj5g5q | PAXLess
8e1v6jfzud5exkjg | Safehouse
rxwyc4ropu89bfud | Planet Y
irkfnb1qbuiek0fk | The Mundane Tale of the Morning After
1dfuvc0yr2hgs43  | Cramming
gqr7l2vg8us35h4u | Dawn of the Demon
6durptkxdbferhg4 | The Tower of Beef
6iryw3dde7jmvvu8 | Upwards
n206klmcw2ylhpvi | The Day I died
rvgl3zto9wbo3pd0 | Upwards and Onwards
02npov4c6gxghlyu | A Brain in the Rain
8gax2mzliangyo35 | Death Waif
fdspaurq4w5hhtwd | Descent of Man
v585s10uh18kkswb | Oh Miranda!
k4kpb3lmfoym18gb | Captain Piedaterre's Blunders
meqlzyiilf18spix | The Devil Made Me Do It
7c7iuhyg0mb49gs0 | Apocolyptica
a9b443qraib5mz7b | Blue Head Yurt
600lvxkowqxuybdc | speed5
l9aafzj5c16khn8c | What Dreams May Come
rfjcrb01hckrgffr | Your mind is gone, it must be brought, you have some rock candy.
eg8mzazb9yt3d16w | The Chicken's Dilemma
jrlj3y9zgmxulzci | OnNoEf
wav3v8zive29bczk | Germania
t4vkcv4fisg45bs6 | Rippled Flesh
qpk9q65fave3wed0 | (You're) TOAST!
tb7j3ct61toznbjy | Toeing the Line
y48gvlnxy4m3b2ov | Our Island
sbtxacglhpr3dxnb | The Bloody Mess
cr2m7z69nsj07kki | The Wizard's Apprentice
5oxejp8ksydfe8x8 | Coffee Quest II
zuv4tdyvel6l8w9s | Negotis: Book 1
l3oo5dc8ac0zrwch | Slasher Swamp
npl74q0vd4g5lyf6 | Frozen
1n277q8255ckj5xz | Soul-Searching
iu84n55jfm2q803  | Vortex 2305
pyuu6dl4xf7jw6mj | Genie
3v4m4b5i01vzotbe | The Computer Lady
ydpzujvvatlukt9  | The Cenric Family Curse
47semzbrey3787j8 | By the Lake
w5fe1obyl3qjyrqo | Hey, I'm Supposed to be Free Range
tlyk69fz5pmbwhbp | (untitled)
7y7du3y8zp7cee1q | One way out
ud0ihoxc3jfstt50 | A Wizard Goes Shopping
cic260su6jmkpjt3 | (untitled)
puy56alubcq0c4e9 | The Ghost Train
h96reria59cunaa3 | The Travels of Fitzwilliam Pound
r8x83gdub9wvgfdv | The X Chicken
979knanyenujrvvp | Withdrawal Symptoms
4w8tk3kxu4nb4xbt | Internal Documents
861zb69c0eofo3ye | A Boy And His Goat
n3t9483k8sd4mai2 | Stupid Kittens
7xxhw9da4j3ff3hd | Playing Games
4pikjeybth5fd9rx | Bio
32bzvcb971zmtf23 | Ballymun Adventure
ad33fom6nxqqvfa3 | The Angel Curse
krlb7jc547nsz40y | The Great Ritual
j233niwbwbcna8c0 | Need! More! Toast!
4lrxz5uhrraxp1kx | Meeting Robb Sherwin
ljbulftxe7en8qb0 | One Night Stand
qp99cqw14kefo1oz | Total Paddling Mania
71fl3c9k6omgojaq | The Gallery of Henri Beauchamp
1abt2lr5s834iwky | jason finds fleece
awu3k09eetnqbu72 | Snowman Sextet Part I: But For A Single Flake
rcrm8h7raqw76s50 | Finding the Mouse
xkbs28fxks78fjcu | Getting to know the General
w4pkrecmrf1wpyg2 | Birth of Mind
znzar0rc527os0ih | The Untold Story
cvka0embexysjwfj | Interactive Fiction Player
xel5hjoss54ii7c4 | Recorded
2c3o8t8l14lzm7ry | Inevitable
f9lgeek9vcyivh5r | A Perfect Day for Candiru
87ai0ip72zhd0lm2 | The Yellow Stone
h1dpowqb07z7y0sr | Pirates and Ninjas and Aliens, Oh My!
s6uduk5gw5kru7gi | Food Magic
c2eqwi7x217jhc2p | Civil Mimic
cm51y3d4iwcf8fuv | The Old Sherwood Cemetary
xqg8xyjzdwgxgnvd | Falling Angel
v4jg0n06d659lsoq | Biscuit
hhd85eqt2bs0p7up | Elephants and the Afterlife
ua3ivof4tv28ephg | Casino Viridoso V
l32mp18nbq23mbcb | The President, The Democrats, and Smelly Pete
271fmvmfdomv79ei | Generic Title
oks2ll4ysbeu37c0 | In the Navy
ka11wj4yszn1evvo | Color of Milk Coffee
k235may8cvejhgg2 | Jobs for Antioch!
6cnarkjjf26zuiif | The Damp Camp
rw7zv98mifbr3335 | Escape from the Starship Zenon
x3wcrapu08ztd061 | Dragon!
5db3ldo0anwfhpk2 | The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Too!
b9jk5z45rjjt6i3p | Toasterama
6q2gxvc1m746qijk | The Terrible, Old Manse
fwqdyh6p8c5nwfyz | This Is The Toaster
dkf7mx266v3znuhz | The Hentai Adventures of Captain Cumshot
85mcun0sz31q21ld | At the Top of Your Game
bns5rmwepnwlxrl7 | Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it
ad24faqoyr3q9f12 | ROWR!
n22glr9p3spt2hhz | South America Trek
j5f8bmtnd3cih7un | Llangollen Rock City
9jy9rz75b7qdnvrq | The House
enxypty26tac7p75 | d2d
19fe0wt0mfyz6hez | A Dino's Night Out
pq9sbaxhw46e7kfh | The Island of Infinity
c78x4kx1wu8ycpv5 | Motel California
moqusle826dnpj0e | Delusions Again
kiadksvfjyb8uj   | Pieces of eden
o6p56hbcwsgchebe | Here Be Dragons!!!
sy26iywfm3mbao0r | There Is No Bread
fbnnrh33a2ldckvw | Toxin X
lmwi2ixg9a6jeu9  | Kentish Plover
8l439jfvmltj4oih | Waystation
mtvfo8j8ezy0fyus | The Wolf and the Seven Kids
5ncrpicdbccorgon | Why did the Dino cross the Road?
n9gb3qucb10zyt90 | Adventure Island
k90xf7mt4wgar7ma | Dreary Lands
9sbcod5q32anjy93 | Return to Camelot
nfylt32grtg6m993 | Nudists Gone Wild
mnralzvoziidpibq | The Ship of Whimsy
w9cdfvx9sazf9cxm | Ramon and Jonathan
m85x5yr0zbopyuyb | The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
erpwivij66uii4sy | Eight Miles High
1wl2zxgyggwy3x78 | Beneath: a Transformation
1f3fz8kasbpe7mlm | Channel Surfing
j768t3mb3xikxh2b | Final Assault of the Big Green Cliches
dgk0lo3wzyttjsa4 | Domicile
kw2hx366nwvjn03l | Tommy the Toaster
bw0obfyooi5s8e9f | Dithyrambic Bastards
7ingcjsd0nqpk2hd | Professor Frank
5pbekb695u335kdp | Dark Continent
zc6v3lovr4s6o30z | A Spliff in Time
sshanopxskbpccm4 | The Epitome of Toastlessness
1cxkfxqeyxxxfr   | Empty Rooms
ygbe1rezyq2ny1av | Spitting Crumbs
ug830j33pb9qpe5v | Oh no, Mr.Crab stole your hat!
48h5xf5bnu6cn20g | DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH
1hygnm4xhma9ovx  | The Garlic Cage, Episode I
bu0jpc1uo487nc3n | An Abbreviated Night Before Christmas
lucpekxbt54t0loq | **COUGH COUGH**
83ct0elfhzeqfuwl | Apollo 11
o8kfj26cpot69mrt | Kingdom of Amphibia: The Shipwreck
hookf1op2nlhpaps | Bmissfille
83em8cgnv91ixiuw | Epyk
3vxw00hhrqwhrlke | Somewhen
gonczpz4imoek4do | Three Princes
v4bkecxv7jqqcy33 | Feeling Adventurous
eh5ugjr1swno5r7f | The Sealed Room
zn4vo1bdjesa1ph0 | Eschew as if you were She
6bc1tdt0r14k8xa4 | Custard
4qt2oryeon42t7z1 | A speedIF O entry
2njx8jit2j13ash  | Hypnotist of Ladies
inj3mzj11zjf31mq | Beam
fsawry3lnp2yn04e | The Spy Who Always Wears Gloves Now
v06730xugqijxl1v | The Kazooist
3ayn54ep27rhf8xs | Chicken!
ny9rngelpxn8jm8d | Lurk. Unite. Die. Invent. Think. Expire.
h1pb07z9f6wdw69i | Candy
ci4wh7o8fmy66w0u | The Green Mountains
77s2sbu5vrwx1a9j | Paparazzi
ockmkhd7gblowdfr | Are you Too Chicken to Make a Deal?
ppdyrr4bcytc2boj | Losing Your Step
aunxx2vihq2isf1f | Hallway
d3g4ygvj01y24f23 | And Then is Heard no More
a62pc618qtrx9kpp | The Carthage Corn Maze
y5j1fy2h9azhurt1 | 404- Life not Found (Beta)
4bplcpwth08t628r | Asendent
vdyxd8z055riye0e | Luster
m7ppqal8vjkmbfqk | Riverside
4an31j2pueaqbhg8 | Eduard the Seminarist
oaskp9o0zwn56hql | Assignment
5230wsgz1pgjfdgu | The Last Laugh
9vo08lfea4ocpzxq | Burnt Toast
7sfjbp0qkezadqd9 | Comp00ter Game
8pb1srlj0lvmkh7x | The Lighthouse
2l8rc0c5ncu3ddeg | Nostradamus's Onion Sandwich
r10wdvjl3x52zdwr | Haunted P
lb83txad7m8ixpb6 | A Quiet Evening at Home
u6tm3cjtgigc7a7h | Amnesia
kpzexoevy1kpqy31 | Fog Convict

Wow, thanks! I just realized my title was over-general and I wanted to restrict this to IFComp 2021. So I added that tag.

This link will also be useful in general…having a map makes it easier to play through.

I’ve drawn four maps so far …

Second Wind

What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed

The Spirit Within Us

Finding Light

EDIT. Adding more as I continue to play …


Brave Bear

The Song of the Mockingbird

Ghosts WIthin (represents only the “if you start from the Institute” path through the game)

Codex Sadistica


AardVarK versus The Hype


Dr. Horror’s House of Terror

Off-Season at the Dream Factory


Wow! Thanks so much for making a map, it looks so nice and clean! Glad you also worked around the overlapping parts with the rooms :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you a lot. I use to write down my maps by hand with annotations. These are a big work from you.


This topic didn’t say that maps submitted should be particularly legible, useful to others or much good.

In that spirit, here’s my map of The House on Hifghfield Lane! It worked for me.


PS - Don’t bother trying to use contrast/brightness editing to make clear the words printed on the reverse of the paper. All you’ll find is part of an info sheet from about rising childhood peanut allergy rates in Australia circa 2009/2010.



That’s my kind of map!


Well, I was actually thinking of a map, here, so I’m glad to see yours!

Also, the topic didn’t say it had to be for parser games, just to be clear.

So here’s my map of 4x4 Archipelago’s Coral City, which is fixed, though there’s a lot of procedural generation. What’s tricky and neat about this maze is that currents carry you in various directions until you reach the final room, and the game text clues you to that. The small “x” rooms indicate where, when and how this happens.

Even a blurry picture may spoil stuff.


blue = treasure to dive for (1/2 covered = 1 survival needed, full = 2
yellow = treasure to just search for
orange=monuments (100 exp on examining)
green = normal room

I’m pretty sure other surface dungeons are procedurally generated, though there may be an exception for the Dragon’s Cave.

(Note: I uploaded a fixed version of the map.)


My game’s feelies include a map:

Several games on the the ballot page say Download includes additional content , my game includes feelies but doesn’t have that text. Is there an obvious checkbox or something that I missed to make it appear?


Wow, thanks for drawing a map of Coral City, which is much better than the one I started to draw, intending to add it here!

Note that (major spoiler!) the map is missing one room - Island of the Gardens, in the NE corner. It’s only accessible once you’ve taken the crystal from Altar Island - this stops the currents, allowing you to simply navigate the area on a grid.


Glad it was useful/saved you time!

I was so proud of mapping and getting through it, I never considered investigating the text you spoiler-blurred. I saw it, but I just didn’t check up in the end. I’ll want to go back and look, now. I can probably edit the map pretty quickly–I noticed a flow that’s not quite right. (ETA: done!)


My game (we, the remainder) has a map within the game itself, which you get access to fairly early on. Still… about half of my playtesters missed it entirely.


Very nice! ASCII Art. :slight_smile:

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My game, D’Arkun, offers a map in the feelies, but you need a password. Don’t worry you get on the second day when you find the map as an item in the game (this is the time when the map extends). I just wanted to add some more atmosphere.


This isn’t a huge map, but I like all maps big and small. 4x4 Archipelago’s dragon cave is fixed between playthroughs.

I’m not spoiling what’s at the end. It was a very nice surprise for me (but it made sense) and was definitely worth fighting through the tough monsters.


Off-Season at the Dream Factory has two maps. The overworld has a few shifts after the start. I’ll be focused on the main game, here.

There’s also the dream side area.


Hey, that’s cool!

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The Library has only 12 rooms, but its left/right/back mechanic makes for a change in navigational style. Here is the map. The game starts as if you’d gone from Stevenson to Carroll.

I’m pretty sure you need at most 3 steps to get from any one room to any others. I should write a script to find out.

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Thanks! It’s a fun side-project when playing a game. Also a good form of notetaking.