Trizbort (or other) maps for IFComp 2021

I’ve drawn four maps so far …

Second Wind

What Heart Heard Of, Ghost Guessed

The Spirit Within Us

Finding Light

EDIT. Adding more as I continue to play …


Brave Bear

The Song of the Mockingbird

Ghosts WIthin (represents only the “if you start from the Institute” path through the game)

Codex Sadistica


AardVarK versus The Hype


Dr. Horror’s House of Terror

Off-Season at the Dream Factory


Wow! Thanks so much for making a map, it looks so nice and clean! Glad you also worked around the overlapping parts with the rooms :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Thank you a lot. I use to write down my maps by hand with annotations. These are a big work from you.


This topic didn’t say that maps submitted should be particularly legible, useful to others or much good.

In that spirit, here’s my map of The House on Hifghfield Lane! It worked for me.


PS - Don’t bother trying to use contrast/brightness editing to make clear the words printed on the reverse of the paper. All you’ll find is part of an info sheet from about rising childhood peanut allergy rates in Australia circa 2009/2010.



That’s my kind of map!


Well, I was actually thinking of a map, here, so I’m glad to see yours!

Also, the topic didn’t say it had to be for parser games, just to be clear.

So here’s my map of 4x4 Archipelago’s Coral City, which is fixed, though there’s a lot of procedural generation. What’s tricky and neat about this maze is that currents carry you in various directions until you reach the final room, and the game text clues you to that. The small “x” rooms indicate where, when and how this happens.

Even a blurry picture may spoil stuff.


blue = treasure to dive for (1/2 covered = 1 survival needed, full = 2
yellow = treasure to just search for
orange=monuments (100 exp on examining)
green = normal room

I’m pretty sure other surface dungeons are procedurally generated, though there may be an exception for the Dragon’s Cave.

(Note: I uploaded a fixed version of the map.)


My game’s feelies include a map:

Several games on the the ballot page say Download includes additional content , my game includes feelies but doesn’t have that text. Is there an obvious checkbox or something that I missed to make it appear?


Wow, thanks for drawing a map of Coral City, which is much better than the one I started to draw, intending to add it here!

Note that (major spoiler!) the map is missing one room - Island of the Gardens, in the NE corner. It’s only accessible once you’ve taken the crystal from Altar Island - this stops the currents, allowing you to simply navigate the area on a grid.


Glad it was useful/saved you time!

I was so proud of mapping and getting through it, I never considered investigating the text you spoiler-blurred. I saw it, but I just didn’t check up in the end. I’ll want to go back and look, now. I can probably edit the map pretty quickly–I noticed a flow that’s not quite right. (ETA: done!)


My game (we, the remainder) has a map within the game itself, which you get access to fairly early on. Still… about half of my playtesters missed it entirely.


Very nice! ASCII Art. :slight_smile:

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My game, D’Arkun, offers a map in the feelies, but you need a password. Don’t worry you get on the second day when you find the map as an item in the game (this is the time when the map extends). I just wanted to add some more atmosphere.


This isn’t a huge map, but I like all maps big and small. 4x4 Archipelago’s dragon cave is fixed between playthroughs.

I’m not spoiling what’s at the end. It was a very nice surprise for me (but it made sense) and was definitely worth fighting through the tough monsters.


Off-Season at the Dream Factory has two maps. The overworld has a few shifts after the start. I’ll be focused on the main game, here.

There’s also the dream side area.


Hey, that’s cool!

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The Library has only 12 rooms, but its left/right/back mechanic makes for a change in navigational style. Here is the map. The game starts as if you’d gone from Stevenson to Carroll.

I’m pretty sure you need at most 3 steps to get from any one room to any others. I should write a script to find out.

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Thanks! It’s a fun side-project when playing a game. Also a good form of notetaking.

That looks like one of the organic molecules I used to study…

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My game (“Cygnet Committee”) has a map that updates in real-time. There’s no point in saving it since it’s in the game itself, but maybe showing it here will persuade someone to play the game.


@pbparjeter that’s very well done and I like the line drawing against the color that gives a clear idea of where we can go.

I still feel like I am picking off the short games, myself, because I don’t have the endurance (yet) to tackle longer and possibly more profound ones. And my hope for this topic was to get maps for the longer games, so people would ease into them.

Anyway, now that I said that, I’m promptly making a u-turn to present a map of another relatively short game, What Remains of Me, which is relatively short.

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