Trizbort and Euclidean Mazes

There’s a certain subtype of maze (the ice tunnels in later Adventure ports, for example, or the hedge maze in Curses!) where everything is perfectly reasonable and Euclidean: in other words, you could draw a nice map with straight lines on a sheet of graph paper. No loops back to the same room, no going east one way and south the other way, etc. However, every room still has the same name and description.

Having gotten somewhat frustrated with these, I’d like to automate mapping them. Is there a way to do this in Trizbort? In particular, I need it to assume:

  • After I go in a direction, I’m in a new room with the same name
  • If I go north, and then south, I’m back in the original room with the same name

Is there a way to make Trizbort make this assumption?

Sorry, I’ve been out of commission for a bit. I know the Trizbort automapper likes to have different room names and it doesn’t handle mazes quite as nicely as I’d like. The automapper is an area that I’ve not done much too since I’ve taken over maintenance and could use some attention.