Tristam Island Hint/problems thread

This thread, for the moment, exists for the sole purpose of helping me get through Tristam Island. Of course, that’s only for the moment!

Question 1: How do I get into the pub? Coyness in your answer is not necessary. If you know how, please tell me.

If you want to see what I’ve tried, read this potentially spoiler bit:

Well, there’s not much to try directly. I’ve mucked around with the sign, and checked if there are ways in in the adjacent locations. I tried using the guard key on the door. In other news, I blew the flute at the base of the steel tower, which solved That puzzle. I later discovered, when I first read the invisiclues, that the flute will solve many a puzzle, but only one. And by that point I’d found the ‘legitimate’ way of getting into the tower. So all I can say is, I sorta wish I’d saved the flute for the pub. But now I need to get in the legit way…



You can:

Find the spare key inside the landlord’s house.

More specifically:

In the safe


Both the door to the house and the safe are not locked.

If you have missed the location, it is here:

Go southwest from the pub, then you come to the location “Small house behind the pub”.

Hope that helps.


Hrm. Ok, so I hadn’t seen the message that that house was the landlord’s house, though I’d been in there a lot. I have nothing but problems inside. Typing EXIT gives a bug that wrecks the game (OUT is ok - I told the author). The house is dark and I have tried a ton of search / ‘shapes’ / use lighter and synonyms / getting a log from the woodfire (not allowed) / all directions etc. Sorry, I’m still stuck. I’ve never had a light, only a fire when I had to cook something the first time.


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In the location “Storehouse - Front” (West of “Outside the storehouse”), you can find a torch. To do so, I think you just have to “examine shelves” as far as I remember.

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Thanks, this really got the ball rolling for me.


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