Trinty Inventory - container is full

Trinty Inventory seems like a pretty awesome mod, but it does have one tiny flaw - I can specify that a object like a coat has a container called ‘the pocket’, but as far as I can see I can’t seem stop the player putting their entire inventory in there, including all their other clothing. At the moment I’m trying to add a little section to the extension that will allow me to specify how many objects may be put in a pocket and refuse large objects and objects that exceed the stated number but I’m running into problems. What I would like to do is make it point based: I would like to give all objects that can be carried a ‘weight score’ that specifies how much room it takes up. Every container will have a number stating how much it can contain: MaxContainFull. Putting objects in the pocket will count against this score and if you try to put in an object that has a score that is too high it will be rejected.

Is it possible to do this with rules or something?

What I have so far is this, the bracketed stuff doesn’t work at all:

[code]MaxContainFull is a number which varies. [Every object has a MaxContainFull.]
CurrentContainFull is a number which varies. [Every object has a CurrentContainFull.]

Definition: a container is full-up if the number of things in it is MaxContainFull.
Definition: a supporter is full-up if the number of things in it is MaxContainFull.

Section 2b part 2 - Pockets

pocket is a kind of container. [Every pocket has a MaxContainFull. Every pocket has a CurrentContainFull.]

[The MaxContainFull of a pocket is 3.].[/code]

There’s a built-in property called “carrying capacity” (see manual 3.19.) For an example of a container with a fixed volume, see chapter 14.15.

I should have checked that! Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I just found Bulk Limiter by Eric Eve. Whoops. :stuck_out_tongue: Waste of a thread, sorry.