Treaty of Babel libaries?

What libraries are out there for reading Treaty of Babel metadata? The only one I was able to find is pyIFBabel. I’m developing on android so a Java option would be preferable.

I’m not aware of a Java version, but the reference implementation in C is here.

I found Blorple and was able to extract the babel code.

One other Treaty of Babel question though. I was attempting to use the babel-get utility, but apparently it needs a source? Are there websites that store babel metadata for lookup?

According to section 4 of the treaty (“Requirements on the IF-archive”), you should be able to use as a source.

However, when I built babel-get and tried one of the example commands in the spec (to download a record for Sorcerer), I wasn’t able to get it to produce any output:

I went into get_url.c and removed the --silent and --fail options from the curl command, and I now see this:

I tried some other IFIDs, such as the one for Bronze, with and without hyphens, but I’m not able to get the server to produce anything but 404s.

I was able to fetch metadata from ifdb using this url:

The metadata store never got built, and then IFDB came along.