Treasure Hunt Jam (Minimal Text Only)


I recently announced “Treasure Hunt Jam” on Twitter, and thought I should announce it here too.

Treasure Hunt Jam” asks entrants to build an old-school treasure hunt text adventure game with no graphics and minimal text. The screen will update immediately when the objects or state of a room changes, and the game will give a tally of treasures that have already been brought to the treasure room.

A sample of this kind of game can be found in the game TWO, which I released late last year (all messages in game are a maximum of two words). The jam isn’t quite as constrained, but it is still very constrained.

The jam will be judged by a number of leading figures from the 8-bit text adventure community including Scott Adams, Tim Gilberts and John Wilson. The jam will also be judged by recent authors of traditional parser-based text adventure games.

Here are the a (non exhaustive selection of the rules):

  • Develop a “Treasure Hunt” style text adventure game using Adventuron Classroom (desktop browser required for editor), in the English language.
  • No in-game graphics (to create a level playing field for non artists) . A “loading screen” (or title screen) graphic is permitted, but not a requirement.
  • Games should be limited to VERB NOUN responses (e.g. take lamp, throw spatula, eat bread, talk man).
  • Locations descriptions and object names should be a maximum of TWO words and displayed without an article (“a”, “an”, “some”). Game Intro and end game message(s) can be a maximum of three sentences. Responses in game and in-game messages can be a maximum of SIX words but if you want to be really minimalist you can try limiting yourself to TWO words in ALL categories.
  • Game must feature a minimum of 4 locations including a treasure room and a minimum of 4 treasures. Treasure and treasure rooms can be any category of object or room consistent with the theme of your game. Be consistent.

Do check out the link above for a full list of rules, and assistance with getting started.

Take Care,

Chris A, Author of Adventuron.


This is a nice idea that could bring authors from spanish community. I will share this there. Thanks!

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Thanks. It would be fantastic if Spanish authors (with some English) could join in.

I ported the sample adventure, TWO, to Spanish. Manuel Sagra fixed my terrible translation, and I hope that the result is something that Spanish language players of the game can enjoy on desktop and mobile.

The Spanish version of TWO is named DOS.

DOS allows you to type Spanish or English commands, but the whole presentation is in Spanish. Maybe useful for Spanish students trying to learn English?